EP013 – Responsive Images & Documentation -#WPblab

This is a replay of the live broadcast with Jason Tucker, Jonathan Denwood, Jacob Arriola, and Bridget Willard


Weekly Watercooler Discussions about WordPress and it’s community.

144 responses to “EP013 – Responsive Images & Documentation -#WPblab

  1. Jason Tucker Avatar
  2. Jason Tucker Avatar

    [sc name=”youtube”]

  3. Roy Sivan Avatar

    i wonder how it would handle a shortcode which runs other shortcodes

  4. Roy Sivan Avatar

    all cause of Bridget

  5. Roy Sivan Avatar

    everyone is like ZOMG what a great theme on this awesome website

  6. Priscilla Christian Avatar

    Hemmingway: Really clean.

  7. Roy Sivan Avatar

    she is leading the Hemingway charge

  8. Priscilla Christian Avatar

    Peanut Butter Bar is a good replacement

  9. Roy Sivan Avatar

    no, we aren’t doing this again

  10. Roy Sivan Avatar

    we’ve had this convo 10 times

  11. Roy Sivan Avatar

    the REST API has a whole repo just for the docs, 100% open source

  12. Jason Tucker Avatar

    go register wpdocumentationservicesthatIdoforyou.co.uk

  13. Roy Sivan Avatar

    documentation on how to document?

  14. Jason Tucker Avatar

    Thanks for joining @MagnaCarter78 !

  15. Bridget Willard Avatar

    Welcome @MagnaCarter78 !

  16. Jacob Arriola Avatar

    Welcome @MagnaCarter78 !

  17. Roy Sivan Avatar

    would be good.. for contributor day instead of just being code

  18. Adam Carter Avatar

    Glad to be here. This is cool.

  19. Jason Tucker Avatar

    i need to start adding my honey do lists on github

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