EP025 – How to #podcast using #WordPress – WBblab

This is a replay of the live broadcast with Jason Tucker, Bridget Willard, Roy Sivan, and Adam Silver


Weekly Watercooler Discussions about WordPress and it’s community.

234 responses to “EP025 – How to #podcast using #WordPress – WBblab

  1. Adam Silver Avatar

    uo at 445.. run at 5

  2. Maya Goode Avatar

    nice, I used to do that 5am run. miss it

  3. James Maabadi Avatar

    forsure! lots of great info

  4. Maya Goode Avatar

    That’s why I like to record a lot and cut it down.

  5. James Maabadi Avatar

    that sounds like a good one

  6. Maya Goode Avatar

    truer words have never been spoken lol

  7. Maya Goode Avatar

    @jasontucker nice looking websites

  8. Cemal Tashan Avatar

    hi Bridget – Jason

  9. Cemal Tashan Avatar

    because she is a genius

  10. Cemal Tashan Avatar

    i can set a hotspot for you on att

  11. James Maabadi Avatar

    is it like a go pro?

  12. Jason Tucker Avatar
  13. James Maabadi Avatar
  14. James Maabadi Avatar

    i was looking at go pro knock offs w/ wifi

  15. James Maabadi Avatar

    personlize the feel

  16. Maya Goode Avatar

    This is going to my digital nomad work set up http://www.slidenjoy.com/

  17. Maya Goode Avatar

    Yes, I do a ton of editing while also talking to clients and using long apps

  18. Maya Goode Avatar

    It will be perfect for me.

  19. James Maabadi Avatar

    rotate them to the other direction

  20. James Maabadi Avatar

    that could be awsome for meetings

  21. Maya Goode Avatar

    @jamesmaabadi exactly

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