EP184 – Innovative Marketing in the WordPress Ecosystem with Sally Strebel

“Managed WordPress Hosting” is as commonly known now, thanks to Sally Strebel as Kleenex. Pagely continues to be a market leader in the hosting space. And they’re privately funded! Their business conference Pressnomics is also Sally’s brainchild and attended by a host of entrepreneurs.

In this episode, Sally chats with Bridget and Jason about how our previous experiences can help us see a path forward.

“Last, being underestimated is a gift. They’ll never see you coming until they can’t help but notice. If you’re with the right people while that’s happening, there’s no better feeling.” Sally Strebel.

This Week’s Panel

Jason Tucker @jasontucker
Bridget Willard @bridgetmwillard
Sally Strebel @BizGirl

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Tool Or Tip Of The Week

This week’s Tool or Tip of the Week is brought to you by The Definitive Guide to Twitter Marketing.

Sally recommends Pagely.com for high-traffic enterprise sites, of course as well as “Ethics in the Real World” by Peter Sanger.

Jason recommends Captions for TikTok. It’s an app in the iOS store.

Bridget recommends Plugin Rank. It’s the best $9/month she’s spent. (Affiliate link)

Show Timestamps

00:01:38 Sally Introduction

00:02:48 “I just heard Morten talk; I need a drink.” Bridget Willard

00:04:44 “Money psychology is hard. It’s hard to find worthiness and for a lot of people. It’s hard to ask for money.” Sally Strebel

00:07:38 Jason Talks About Why He started WPwatercooler Network

00:09:28 “I believe in justice. I believe in things if they’re not running well, how what can I do to make life better?” Sally Strebel

00:13:38 How do you continue to innovate?

00:14:58 Failure isn’t fatal.

00:17:44 “We’re not curing cancer. It’s just the internet.” Sarah Pressler

00:19:28 How did you know you needed to push forward rather than stop? 

00:21:48 “The nice thing about Pagely was that we were early enough to the market before like the big guys with all the money came in.” Sally Strebel

00:23:02 “Like, why am I fearful of something that I know that I’m freaking good at?” Sally Strebel

00:28:28 “And so I can tell you that I feel very blessed to be able to work with my best friend. And yeah, and my best friend is a person that I don’t always agree with.” Sally Strebel

00:30:35 Sally and Josh Delegate More

00:33:49 “I think having good customer service allows for the customer to do what they do best.” Jason Tucker

00:36:16 The Pagely Hiring Process

00:42:22 “I think as a business owner, I was actually just thinking about this yesterday, you don’t really get to take a break.” Sally Strebel

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