EP187 – Product Marketing Means Being Top-of-Mind All the Time

It’s easy to keep up a pace when your product launches and you’re riding the wave of adrenaline and podcast slots. What happens 6 months from now or a year later? Will people remember your product? Will you be relevant?

In this episode, Jason and Bridget discuss how digital products can stay top-of-mind all the time. If people can’t remember you, they won’t buy your goods — digital or otherwise.

This Week’s Panel

Jason Tucker @jasontucker
Bridget Willard @bridgetmwillard

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Tool Or Tip Of The Week

This week’s Tool or Tip of the Week is brought to you by The Definitive Guide to Twitter Marketing.

Jason Recommends CloudApp and Droplr.

Bridget Recommends SparkToro.

Time Stamps

00:05:10 “You got to stay top of mind all the time.” Bridget Willard

00:08:43 “But what you can’t measure is how I’m feeling.” Bridget Willard

00:10:43 “They value the people that go, they actually physically go to the event, as well as the people that watch.” Jason Tucker

00:12:56 Jason Talks Tracking Methods

00:15:31 Don’t Forget the Value of Radio

00:18:51 Jason Talks About Automatic Ad Insertion

00:20:32 “Why do you think I harp on Twitter so much? It’s the least expensive way to get eyeballs.” Bridget Willard

00:21:25 “If nobody knows who you are, the ads don’t work.” Bridget Willard

00:22:24 Jason Talks Delivery Vehicles and Social Icons 

00:23:36 No, algorithms are like dogs, they do what you train them to do.

00:25:28 Belts Have Twitter Accounts

00:26:35 Texas, Power, and San Antonio and Competing with Big Brands

00:30:15 There is a huge opportunity for WordPress people.

00:34:18 Jason Talks Evergreen and Reporting Content

00:37:02 Jason Talks Walmart, TikTok, and Regional Dialects

00:42:10 One interaction is not enough.

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