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Value adds are a great way for WordPress Developers to differentiate their services from freelancers and agencies. So many developers launch, bill, and leave. There’s no annual contract, no maintenance, and no support for clients.

Here’s your website. Good luck!

What if we could change that? What if you could add value (with the current and premium version) of a WordPress plugin? Jason and Bridget will chat about her new plugin. It encourages your clients to blog (read: publish) once a month with best practices in mind.

Because the content and framework are in a draft blog post, no need to worry about them messing around in the dashboard or needing admin access.

Extend your services. Build with intent. Launch with Words.

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This Week’s Panel

Jason Tucker @jasontucker
Bridget Willard @bridgetmwillard

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Jason recommends HomeCam for integrating your Ring (et al) on AppleTV.

Bridget recommends Versions for when you just can’t even with SVN and the Plugin Directory.

Show Timestamps

00:01:39 Bridget Introduces Herself

00:06:16 “This website is still alive; it’s not a dormant thing.” Jason Tucker

00:06:44 “I feel like people don’t really know me.” Bridget Willard

00:11:44 How do you spend your billable hours?

00:12:41 Why is Launch With Words JSON?

00:14:08 There are no other copywriting plugins.

00:17:31 Ronald Huereca built two plugins. The importer and the one for me.

00:19:03 Behavior Flow since Product Launch

00:19:41 “I am the source of truth for this plugin.” Bridget Willard

00:20:42 “you’re making sure that you’re getting the people that are actually going to interact with the content” Jason Tucker

00:21:52 The Mission of Launch With Words

00:22:39 “Hey, Bridget, what about duplicate content?” 

00:23:35 How does the Starter Pack Work?

00:25:28 How often should I publish?

00:26:29 Bridget double-dog dares developers.

00:27:56 The Franchise Industry & Syndicated Content

00:30:38 How Launch With Words is Different — Ideal Use Case

00:32:54 What is the business model for Launch With Words?

00:34:10 “You are on an infomercial. And that’s okay.” Jason Tucker

00:35:06 Jason’s Three-Legged Stool Analogy #MustListen

00:36:35 “I want to make WordPress developers’ lives easier.” Bridget Willard

00:38:06 “So essentially, everyone’s copying a bunch of BS, that isn’t actually like, what you absolutely need in order to be able to launch that site.” Jason Tucker

00:44:28 Partner Together to Get Better Clients

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Editor’s Note: Transcriptions of episodes are created with a mix of speech recognition software and human transcribers, and may contain some grammatical errors or slight deviations from the audio.

Jason Tucker 0:11
This is a smart Marketing Show Episode Number 185 value add marketing with Launch With Words brought to you by our friends over at ServerPress makers of DesktopServer. They make local WordPress development easy. Check them out at And Bridget’s book by Bridget spoke over on Amazon. It’s the Definitive Guide to Twitter marketing, available as paperback or on Kindle. Help us out on Patreon go to and become a patron. I’m Jason Tucker. I’m an IT director and web developer. You can find me at Jason Tucker on Twitter. And this is my co host Bridget. She is a marketing consultant she can be found at Bridget Willard.

Subscribe to us as a podcast. Go over to Apple podcasts, Google podcasts, Spotify or anywhere else that you listen to podcasts. Subscribe to us over there. Hey, how’s it going? Bridget?

Unknown Speaker 1:21
It’s gone. Great.

Jason Tucker 1:23
Top of the morning to you hop in the morning. Oh goodness. So we’re gonna we’re gonna be talking about something near and dear to your heart, which is a new product that you just put out. Yeah, Bridget, tell people a little bit about yourself.

Bridget Willard 1:39
For those of you who don’t know, my name is Bridget Willard. I have a bachelor’s degree in liberal arts with an emphasis in psychology from San Diego State University. Go Aztecs and I earned my multiple subjects teaching credential from California State University at Fullerton. Although they the Titans,

Jason Tucker 1:58
Titans. Yeah.

Bridget Willard 2:00
So weird. I’ve also been working for the last 34 years. So probably older work experience and some of our listeners,

Jason Tucker 2:12
most likely, yeah. Nothing wrong with that.

Bridget Willard 2:14
The some of my experience has culminated to this point in time, where I am a dispensing my instinct, which is a combination of education, intelligence, and experience as wisdom for you all to purchase, or get free from my blog at Bridget Willard calm.

Jason Tucker 2:38
That’s awesome.

Bridget Willard 2:40
That’s a little bit of a different intro, dark and stormy night. Actually, I was on Kim foils podcast this week. And she said, Tell me a little bit about you. Well, my parents got married on Pearl Harbor day, and I was the reason for that. So that should pretty much characterize the first 18 years. Oh, goodness. Moving on to my young adulthood. I have a piece of paper that cost me $12,000. This smart. Before people went to school online, right, or my dad had Google to help them with their homework, or may I also add, I found out this horrific thing in the education system app is now know that people have GitHub repos for college papers, and that people can hire writers on Fiverr and Upwork. To take their classes on their behalf and do the tests. Because of the state of online education. Wow. No, I have disfigured fingers from writing with a pen. I’ll never forget modern European history, modern European history. 10 pages of notes, an hour and a half that were not out of the textbook. And then the exam was one of two questions write an essay. So if you don’t remember what happened, you are in trouble. I was so happy to get a B minus in that class. You don’t even know I got two CS and psychophysiology as statistics, oddly enough, because I used to teach math.

Jason Tucker 4:42
Oh my goodness.

Bridget Willard 4:44
College was hard. I was 600 away from graduating with honors 3.4444. If I was gaming the system like people do, I would have taken more classes. And delayed my graduation. Just so I could take easy classes and get a bunch of A’s to make that number go up could so I could say I graduated with honors. So instead I have life experience back with a college degree.

Jason Tucker 5:16
But then you took that, and you’ve been, you’ve been doing so many things in WordPress, over the last Geez, decade or so, whatever, somewhere in there.

Bridget Willard 5:25
You haven’t used either press since 2007.

Jason Tucker 5:27
Yeah, I mean, so probably one of the things that a lot of us have had issues with, especially me, you know, I can speak for myself, is when you have clients that have a website, that they have no idea how to write any type of copy any type of anything on the website, and they are, they’re there, you’re essentially building them a site, you make them a blog, or even like a news release page, or a news, you know, company news page, or any of that sort of thing. And it just becomes dormant. And it’s one of those places, it’s one of those few places on the website, other than maybe their products, where stuff could be added onto the site. And people could actually go look at it, and it would be new content. And Google will look at it and say, Oh, this website still alive. It’s not just some dormant thing. Let’s go on to the website and go take a look at it. And so you know, you ended up coming up with this, like great product of being able to make it so that it’s it’s very simple to import, excuse me, very simple to import the content. And the content is already written for you so that you can at least have a place to start.

Bridget Willard 6:41
Well, that is creating and looking at it. That’s the premium version. Oh, no, I’m just gonna go back a little bit if you don’t know. Because I feel like people don’t really know me. And so I i think i feel like people are surprised by this. That I have a plugin. I feel like people are surprised at my success that’s been going on since I started working. Yeah. In the 80s. So so what I want want to say is like I have I have been building and writing or websites since 1995. I built websites and front page, writing waiver CSS, before I decided I can’t even deal with these people who are arguing with me about this hex code. It was their orange that fugly orange, they chose Uh huh. I’m out. Right? So I learned quickly that I’m not going to deal with this. Right. But it’s not like I don’t know what the problem is. And, and my whole career, I’ve worked in small businesses, whether it was a pizza shop, when I did the books, I audited their books, publishing, roofing general contractor, Department of Mechanical Engineering at the Naval Postgraduate School. trucking company, church, yeah, school, right. I’ve worked in the franchise, industry, the tech. So all my career is about small business. And the biggest problem, Jason, the biggest problem is so words. This is why I say words, they need the words the internet exists for words. We we like the fancy stuff that makes us feel good, you know. And we like all the moving parts. But sometimes we forget what really matters, right? And because I work with WordPress people, I see that they are so frustrated with their clients. And I’m not saying they shouldn’t be, I’m saying they need a little more empathy. But the frustration is 100%. Real. Right? hundreds and hundreds of people are having such a hard time Jason with getting their clients to write. But it’s not their job. What they do is they’re really good at fencing. Or they’re really good at painting. Well, they have a hallmark store or they’re competing with Hallmark. So that’s, you know, that’s really and we say, well, you need to blog, and they say, I mean my friends have been asking me this for 20 years. Well, what do I write about? FSA and over and over and over and over and over? And over and over to the point where Radha Nygaard said, Bridget, you need to make this an E book.

Jason Tucker 10:07

Bridget Willard 10:08
right. So then, when I realized that we have Starter Content and themes, because I edited the content in 2020, and 2019, and one other I can’t remember.

Jason Tucker 10:21
Yeah. I was

Bridget Willard 10:22
like, Wait a second, wait a second. You know, those slow hunches that all of a sudden, 2535 years of work experience happen. And I asked Ron, he’s probably so mad I call Ron. I’m like, the worst person, like, I’m going to call you Jason, you’re like, I hate it every time you call me Chase, because my name is Jason. I’m just like, I’m not doing two syllables. Already. You know, I’m so bad at that. But Ronald, you’re America. For media. Ron, I reached out to him. I said, I have the coolest idea. Do you want to partner with me? Because I feel like people don’t see me as technical.

Jason Tucker 11:08

Bridget Willard 11:10
But that doesn’t mean I’m not.

Jason Tucker 11:14
Well, yeah, I mean, there’s there’s degrees of technical technicality, but there’s degrees of you know, being technical. And those degrees could be that you’re someone who actually builds a plugin, or there’s somebody who’s really good at coming up with a plugin idea. And you know, the, you know, the ins and outs of how that things should be built, right, don’t have the ability to go and write the code

Bridget Willard 11:38
or the desire to spend my billable hours. I mean, I’m doing PHP, I already did the front end course on free Academy, just for fun. And I’m doing free PHP and Code Academy. Doesn’t but I mean, I could do it myself. I was gonna fork Faker press. Right? But I but I realized, you know, what? Why don’t we kill a couple birds with the same stone? I my billable hours are better spent doing what pays me $175 an hour. Right? Not learning how to do a plugin. How about I do some work for hire? And let him get, you know, some visibility because he’s freaking awesome. Yeah, dude, the easiest person to work with never talked down to me ever, ever. Because Jason, you’re gonna laugh? But, uh, so because I know enough, right? I’ve got the I have the strategic understanding of code. Right? So I was like, okay, you know, how would you go from And then you go to self hosted and you get your blog, and you’re like, Oh, I’m gonna export my XML file. Why can’t I make the drafts in an XML file, and then say, like, import an XML file. He’s like, really sweet. But basically, and this is not what he said. But he’s like, oh, bless your heart. xml is like really old technology. I think we’re gonna do a JSON file. And I was like, does it need to be that complicated? Like, I really don’t want this to be complicated, you know? So that was our conversation, right? And it’s so cool. When somebody sees your vision, you I was like, jumping up and down in this chair. And he’s like, Well, I’m not really that excited. You know, it’s, you know, Bush is just a JSON file. But here’s the here’s the magic. And this is what I wish people understood about Ronald. He built two plugins. Hmm. Okay, there’s a plugin on the WordPress repo, which is the importer, the branded importer for my copywriting plugin, which by the way, I would also like to mention, it’s the only one

Jason Tucker 14:06
oh my gosh, for real.

Bridget Willard 14:08
There are no copywriting plugins that do this. It does not exist. And, you know, I’ve been marketing plugins since 2015. Nothing does this. You know, there’s helpers. There’s weird things on the side in the admin side of the blog, Shawn, I don’t know how to say his last name with WordPress 101. cigar with the cigar wife or whatever. Yeah, okay, so he has the videos, which are rad. Right, but there’s nothing that puts a normal person like my old boss, Tom Riggins could could literally put this on Reagan’s construction and then follow the instructions because all Have the Help is in the blog post,

Jason Tucker 15:03

Bridget Willard 15:04
in all of those Gutenberg block editor blocks. Yeah, it’s not in the GUI it because honestly, I’m used to it now because I switched my site over. But like, I’m also editing our show notes and you’re not on Gutenberg or at least a custom post types our show. So I going back and forth a little more confusing than it used to be. But when you’re in just right there, and it tells you Okay, number one, do this? Uh huh. Go Go to share through headline optimizer and go make sure your scores over 70 is the link, go to Canva and make this and here’s a link and the dimensions. Because you know, what’s such a bummer? About Canva? Jason,

Jason Tucker 15:55
what’s up?

Bridget Willard 15:57
They don’t have the Facebook, or the blog graphic as 1200 by 628. That is Facebook specs for opengraph. And all all social networking, like you and I’ve talked about, and even WhatsApp and iMessage defer to Facebook specifications for crap. And it’s 1200 by 628. And I mean, I can’t believe how many times I tell people that it’s like they don’t believe me. Well, my, my image doesn’t come out right, my shirt site? Well, that’s because you only have square images of your shirts, you need to make one image that’s 1200 by 628. And then you can scrape it and it will show up. Right? Yeah, but that’s not how WooCommerce works. I don’t know. Whatever, right? Facebook’s a little bigger than WooCommerce. Yeah, it’s a little bit bigger. And that’s it’s their playground,

Jason Tucker 17:00
we have the same problem with our videos, the videos are you know, the night there’s a 16 by nine you know, and aspect ratio, you always have a piece on the top and the piece on the bottom that’s cut off because it’s it, it’s a little bit wider of a form factor than it is tall

Bridget Willard 17:15
wouldn’t be great if YouTube and Facebook like had a conversation

Jason Tucker 17:21
about unfortunately, Facebook once it become YouTube. So it’s,

Bridget Willard 17:25
it sucks to be you Facebook. But like so that was that’s that’s what’s that’s the beauty of it. So there’s that plugin that imports the JSON files. So I bet I know what your next question is.

Jason Tucker 17:41
Yeah. What’s the other plugin?

Bridget Willard 17:44
This is the beauty of proprietary plugin just for me.

Jason Tucker 17:49
Just for you. Oh, that’s cool.

Bridget Willard 17:52
This one is not open source. Sorry, y’all. You’re looking at the new site balki. And address? No, but here’s the thing. It. I almost started crying Jason, because Ron is amazing. He built me a helper plugin. So that it’s called launch with words and it’s on my site. Yeah. This allows me to create custom post types that are categorized by the premium content pack or starter composite content pack. The starter competent pack comes from my site. Okay. So all I don’t literally need him anymore. The work is done,

Jason Tucker 18:45

Bridget Willard 18:46
I put the content in there, I export the JSON file. That’s a download on a download page from easy digital downloads on my site, because you know, I’ve said it once I’ve said 100 times, one website to rule them all. And guess what my stats are up. And people are going from the launch with words landing page to the starter pack to Bridget services.

Jason Tucker 19:14
That’s cool.

Unknown Speaker 19:15
Okay, just a little side thing,

Jason Tucker 19:18
you know, all lives on the same page and everything. So yeah, why not?

Bridget Willard 19:22
That this is why I tell plugin developers stop making new websites just because you can. And Iran said it to me in a way that made sense. I think it’s a coding thing. This is why it’s where my education breaks down. I am the source of truth.

Jason Tucker 19:39

Bridget Willard 19:41
I am a source of truth for this plugin. And so no matter what, they have to go the route Well, they don’t have to go to rebook so they could get the they could get the importer plugin from me, right. But they go the repo they have to come to my site to get the content even. Even the Starter Content as they have to Get the JSON file from me for the low low price of free, right? So guess what? I know how many downloads, there are?

Jason Tucker 20:13
Oh, good,

Bridget Willard 20:14
guess who doesn’t need freemius? For analytics?

Jason Tucker 20:20
Right? Nice.

Unknown Speaker 20:25
They have to come to my site,

Jason Tucker 20:27

Bridget Willard 20:29
And guess what else I get their email address.

Jason Tucker 20:36
That’s that that one is very helpful.

Bridget Willard 20:39
Because they bought something from my site.

Jason Tucker 20:42
Right. Right. And, and you’re in the thing is about what I what I like about that is the email address isn’t the email address of the client of the person who doesn’t know anything about this thing I don’t want the email address is the developer who could be using this plug in yet again, on another theme, and another plugin, another website, another whatever, they can take that and use it elsewhere. And so that way you’re you’re making, you’re making sure that you’re getting the people that are actually going to interact with the content, you do what they need to

Bridget Willard 21:16
You got it. Jason, you’re the first one who gets it. I’m telling you, this is the beauty of it. Because who are my

Unknown Speaker 21:24

Jason Tucker 21:25
your audience is the same audience that we have here. Right?

Unknown Speaker 21:29
So no,

Jason Tucker 21:32
it would be great if a site owner came to came and watched us. Present, it’s great. But really, it’s like an A site owner could even install. install your plugin. I totally get it.

Bridget Willard 21:45
No. My friend Candace from Carlsbad village yoga did, yeah, she maintains her site herself.

Jason Tucker 21:52
Mm hmm.

Bridget Willard 21:52
But here’s the thing. And this is really where what my mission is for our people. I want you all to charge more money, I want you to get paid. And I want you to have things you can add as a value so that people will keep hiring you.

Jason Tucker 22:13

Bridget Willard 22:14
This is a value add for them. Sure. It helps me I don’t care if they hire me. I can’t write everybody’s content. Right. And then here’s the other piece. So with the premium content packs, right, I’ve got I’ve been asked this question or whatever. This gotcha question. So many times already. Hey, Bridget, what about duplicate content? So I would like to ask you, Jason Tucker. Yeah. It manager and web developer for, like, as long as I’ve been working? Uh huh. Okay. What is worse than duplicate content?

Jason Tucker 23:04
What is worse than duplicate content? Oh, my gosh,

Bridget Willard 23:09
no content. Yeah. Okay. All right. But that’s the thing with small businesses have nothing, nothing because they’re too afraid to break something. Yeah. And they don’t know what to write. So all of these, the starter pack is 12 January blog post draft, February blog post draft, it tells you everything to do. It tells you to make an image in Canva. name it something that makes sense. export it as a JPEG. So it’s not too big. Right? It tells you to optimize your headline, right? All text for that image, right? A meta description for 155 characters, change the slug. And what a slug is. It tells you everything once you’re in that draft. That is what is so bitching about it, so that they will do it not just crappy, but they will do with best practices. Right? So I have a longer a longer video, which you’ve seen, that’s about 15 minutes of on that, on that page shows you how to interrupt like, what’s the thought process behind answering these questions. And each one of them has a different aim, like, hey, aim for a case study. It’s just like my ebook that’s $7.50 or $12, whatever it is. Actually, I will mention I’ll put in the show notes that if you want to buy my ebook and content planner, if you use web developer one word as a discount code is 50% off it’s like $7.50. That’s forever because Oh, and you can for those two things, you can print them off again to your clients as many times as you want. Like, honestly, I would put that in your documents that you give to the client when the site is finished, right? Because they need to use their site. The reason why they need to use a site is to two reasons. Number one, Google wants this. Like, think of a metronome, you have to consistently, you know, how often should I publish? And the answer is, it’s consistent. It’s not even It depends, is consistent. What can you do? And so my ebook, and I talked about this in, you know, in the video is that you can do this, you can write this 300 word blog post, and less than two hours a month. I mean, it could take an hour or 20, it depends on how fast you write. And with the E book, I encourage business owners to keep a journal and then write down pain points. You know, like, what is this one customer not understanding? Oh, they don’t understand what when I say a page, they don’t know the difference between a post and a page. Okay, I need to send them a link to a really great blog post or, and and you mentioned that before, Jason, about the site owners, you know, who else doesn’t blog enough?

Jason Tucker 26:28
The developers?

Bridget Willard 26:29
Yes. Oh, my double dog dare to all of you is install it and publish something once a month.

Jason Tucker 26:37
Yeah, your blog

Bridget Willard 26:38
of those things that you want people to know and follow it? I mean, you can say that it’s a little plugin, or it’s not that big of a deal, or Oh, how cute. Bridgette moved to Texas and made a plug in? Well, guess what? Just Why don’t you just try it my way? Because the worst case scenario is you’re going to be helped either way. Right?

Jason Tucker 26:58
content on your website?

Bridget Willard 26:59
Yeah. And you’re going to spend the low low price of $0, zero girls, zero pesos? Like, what do you have to lose, you only have business to gain. And the more you write, the more clearly you think about what matters to your business. And you can more specifically say I help WordPress products and services with their brand awareness online.

Jason Tucker 27:25

Bridget Willard 27:26
because that’s what I do. And I think about and I write about all the time, I know what their problem is, because that’s my, my job.

Jason Tucker 27:34
So if you’re, if your niche is the hospitality industry, and you’re writing for hotels, what’s always a problem? You know? So, um, and, and that’s where those contact content packs would end up helping each one of those verticals that they can kind of work through and, and get figured out, right,

Bridget Willard 27:56
absolutely. So this is what I learned when I was in the franchise industry. Jason. So we don’t think about how big the franchise industry is. It’s huge, you know, when it comes to how they market themselves as small businesses, they are small businesses. you retire from being a police officer, and you decide to start when Home Inspection because it’s that’s a low startup fee. That’s a very good industry. I love when home inspection. They’re really great folks. And I’ve worked with them and Paul Davis, super great. And sport clips, super great. They really support first responders and military with discounts and financing and things like that. I’m not it’s not a disparagement against the franchise industry, but working on their websites as taught me this. They are multi sites.

Jason Tucker 28:58
Mm hmm.

Bridget Willard 29:01
Most of the time, and the content that they pay for when they pay their franchising fee for marketing is syndicated content. You know what syndicated content is Jason duplicate contents duplicate content. And here’s what’s worse. You can’t you as a franchisee, right, me as the when home inspector. I can’t edit that content on my website.

Jason Tucker 29:29
Yeah, yeah, I had a client that was a gym, and they’re all of their all of their content came from the mothership. And the mothership would say, okay, you know, they would just log into the site, push the content down, I think they were using like, like a word like a WordPress duplication plugin or something. And it would just like, shoot a bunch of stuff out to their site and they would have constantly updated content, but I kid you not if you were to copy a little, you know, like a sentence or two That content, put some quotes around it, drop it into Google and hit search. All of the other gems would show up on the list.

Bridget Willard 30:07
Dude, travel industry, I forgot, I also worked in the travel industry. That’s exactly what they do. And these travel agents pay money. like them, they might not even be a franchise, they might be, like, literally their own business without their own branding. And but they pay for these websites. And for $300 a month they get content. It’s syndicated garbage. Yeah. content. Yeah. Okay. So this whole idea that, oh, it’s duplicate content is bad. That’s how the business works. But here’s how my plugin is different. You import, or, ideally, here’s the ideal use case. I’m a developer, I’m building a website for a roofer. I build roofing websites, so I’m gonna buy the multi site license of the other, because you can have one content pack for 497. Or you can have a multi site license for $2,000. So how many it’s like going to Disneyland, how many times gonna build a roofing website before, it’s just smart to buy that. So you buy that $2,000. And then guess what? It’s on the clients websites, you use the importer plug in, you install the JSON file, you deactivate and delete the plugin, I don’t want active installs, or that’s best practice, that’s practice, your client will never know that you block content for them. And before you launch the site for them, you can localize the copy. So now you can buy something for $497 Mm hmm. Charge $1,000 for or 1200, or whatever. Because if I, I have to, I have to spend 12 $100 to get those articles written,

Jason Tucker 32:15

Bridget Willard 32:17
That’s the minimum, you can spend 24 $3,000 for 12 articles. But if you if you localize the copy for them.

Jason Tucker 32:29

Bridget Willard 32:29
that is a huge value. That’s a huge way for a web developer to make money on something that they basically don’t have to do that much work on. Because these will be professionally written by me and my friends that I trust that I will allow, and who also write for my clients? I am not outsourcing this to some factory.

Jason Tucker 32:53

Bridget Willard 32:54
yes, the business model for this and why I wanted to be Bridget Willard LLC, is because I want my friends to be able to get more money writing. I’m not going to be profitable probably for a couple years, because I’m using the money that people spend on the content packs to hire writers to write. So if you have a request, go over to my premium content pack landing page, which is launched with words hyphen premium, and send me you know, an email, there’s a link to send me an email or to my contact form, or just go straight to my content. And, you know, do it. I mean, literally, if you have an industry that you want to you want written about, and you want to pre pay me $2,000 I’ll go get it done. You’ll have it in four weeks. That’s cool. So it’s, but like, so if you do it for a bunch of different roofers, or a bunch of different painters, or, you know, a bunch of different hotels, you can localize each one, so they’re not going to be duplicate. Yeah. And here’s the other thing, Jason, I feel like this. I’m on an infomercial,

Jason Tucker 34:10
you are on an infomercial. And that’s okay.

Bridget Willard 34:13
I know because I’m usually the one asking questions. The thing is, because I’m the funny side chick on the show, I’m not usually the guest. The thing is that the other problem this solves this, this, this, this is beautiful. I mean, I am so freaking proud of this. I can’t even tell you. The other problem The sauce is now your client has something to share on social media, from their website that is written by a professional and not their garbage way of saying things. And I’m not trying to say they’re not smart. I’m saying they’re not writers. That’s not why they’re started their business. You know, that’s not their job. We have to stop expecting our clients to do our work for us?

Jason Tucker 35:06
Yeah, I mean, I look at this stuff as is like a three legged stool you have, you have one leg, which is the code that actually runs this thing. That’s the theme. That’s the plugin. That’s the the actual, the actual WordPress application itself. The second leg is the design and the way it looks the way it you know, the way it feels, the way it conveys emotion, the way it does all that stuff without reading any words. And then the third part of it is the actual content itself in that content is the part that’s going to make it so that when Google goes and looks at this site, it’s going to be able to find that content. When people read it, they’re going to be able to see what it is you’re conveying. It’s going to put all those pieces together and in because this is a three legged table or a three legged stool is that all three of those legs are important. Yes. And the problem is, is that in this industry, we have been a two legged content or two legged stool that never actually stays up. You’re

Bridget Willard 36:07
like balancing on it. Right. And it’s that is so true, Jason, because this is why I’m tweeting this out like the internet’s blind. Yeah. But once people get to your site, now, it’s all the hospitality that you’ve created with your, with your, your ease of use the user experience, how it makes them feel, and it’s a such a great way of describing it. I love that three legged stool. Yeah, I want to make a WordPress developers lives easier. Sure, you know, so many of them are doing this a site work? Yeah. And then they’re gonna struggle trying to get you know, what happens when they don’t get content and the client keeps dicking around on them? And don’t get paid?

Jason Tucker 36:58

Bridget Willard 36:59
As as somebody whose real career achievements. I know, I shouldn’t say that. But I am most proud of my achievements as accounts receivable and collections. I yeah, I really believe that you can. I mean, I’ve trained I train people I have, I have forms I give out, you know, of collection letters and how to escalate it and everything like that. We don’t like asking for money because it makes us feel uncomfortable.

Unknown Speaker 37:33
Bridgette, the

Jason Tucker 37:33
words, the words have always been the hardest thing for me as a developer when I’m building cemaes website, because the person has this grand vision of you build a website and people show up. And it’s like, okay, you build the website, you get the best domain name, you buy it, you hire the best web developer, you put all these pieces together, and they spend all the money and energy and everything kind of getting it all together. They don’t know what pages they want. They don’t know what pages they need. They just want to go copy their, their

Unknown Speaker 38:05

Jason Tucker 38:06
editor who who then then themselves hasn’t even done the right work to be able to pull in the right. So essentially, everyone’s copying a bunch of BS, that isn’t actually like, what you absolutely need in order to be able to launch that site.

Bridget Willard 38:21
Yes, that okay, this clip right there of you saying that, it needs to be a little clip that we share on Instagram and Facebook or Twitter, because it’s that is the problem. They’re copying people that they think is are successful, or doing wrong, and this happens to social media all the time. Jason, right. Why are you change? Why are you using all those Unicode characters? Because someone so influencers doing that? Well, she bought garbage followers. You want to keep following her garbage way?

Jason Tucker 38:50
Uh huh.

Bridget Willard 38:52
Have at it. Meantime, we’re all going to deal with best practices, and we will be laughing all the way to the bank, which we don’t have to go to because it comes straight in.

Jason Tucker 39:02
Right, right. Yeah, it’s been the biggest frustration for me. And my journey has been someone who builds websites. And the problem is that when you’re the butcher, Baker and candlestick maker, you can’t also be the content creator. Like I am not a content creator. I can’t write to save my life. When I do, right, it’s all screwed up. Yes, I am using Grammarly in order to be able to correct my stuff. Because I have like, you know, I have a I have a 12 years worth of education. And I didn’t spend all 12 of those years writing content for websites. I just tried to graduate high school. That’s it. And then after that, I got into doing web development. So for me personally, I don’t have that, that discipline to be able to actually, you know, put together all the things and build it all the way that it needs to,

Unknown Speaker 39:55
but that’s not your job.

Jason Tucker 39:56
I know it’s not but the problem is is that the customer expects a website for me

Unknown Speaker 40:01
right now. That’s why web writers

Jason Tucker 40:04
and a website also includes words as well as graphics, just like I tell them I say I am not a designer, like, like the idea that website design used to be a thing. It’s not just, I’m not a website designer never said I was a website designer. You know, I build websites, I build infrastructure, I build the scaffolding, I build all the pieces that need to be there, then someone comes in, and they do the drywall. Someone comes in, and they do the stucco. Someone comes in and they paint the thing. That’s not me. But somebody else.

Bridget Willard 40:40
Yeah, you’re the general contractor, you’re not the interior decorator.

Jason Tucker 40:43
Correct. So because of that, and if we go back to that, that three legged setup here, those other two legs are going to be a designer, you’re going to hire Rhonda, and you’re gonna say, okay, Rhonda, come in here real quick, I want you to build this thing for me. And I want you to make it so it looks great. I’ve already built the infrastructure behind it. I just need you to make it look pretty. And then I go over to Bridget and I say, Hey, Bridget, come on over here. I need you to talk to this client, I need you to figure out what it is that they actually want to have on the website. And let’s slap it together get it all figured out. And boom, it’s done. And I didn’t have to write it in the client didn’t have to write it.

Bridget Willard 41:18
Okay, so yes. Rhonda in the chat is saying something I neglected to mention, this gives your free you as a freelancer the ability to have agency level service, right? She writes for agency level service, use a plugin hire a copywriter to finesse, there’s more bang for your buck. All right. But here’s the thing like I, I have a content questionnaire that I’ve made in a Google Doc that you can copy, like Bridget’s website, questionnaire, Bitly. link somewhere, I’ll find it. I literally send that to people. I’ve been working with impossibly creative down in Orlando lately. And they said, Would you write this copy? And I? And I said yes. Send this to your client, the client sends it back. And I know about that person. Because I wrote it. I wrote the questions based upon it. I want to know as the writer. Now I know how to put all those pieces together. I know how to do that. But you don’t know how to ask those questions. That’s why I made this free tool for people to send a copy and brand however they want. I make all these free tools that like, because I want to get that information. As a writer. I’m sure other writers want to get that information. That is super easy. And that because otherwise, they’re like, Can you write this about page? Sure. What’s it about?

Unknown Speaker 42:52
I don’t know. What

Bridget Willard 42:53
do you want to do today? I don’t know what you want to do today? I don’t know. What do you want to do today? Where do you want to go for lunch?

Jason Tucker 43:00
I don’t know. frustrating as the developer?

Unknown Speaker 43:03
You’re in a loop?

Jason Tucker 43:04
Yeah. Well, you know, and you’re asking the questions like, okay, maybe I can, I’m essentially having to go to their their competitors website and figure out what it was that this people that what is it that this that this industry actually needs to here, and we’re hoping that it’s actually what their customers actually need to hear, in order to make an informed decision on whether or not they should purchase the product or service from this company. And if you’re just guessing, that’s going to suck. You shouldn’t be guessing at this stuff. Because just like, just like with social media marketing, just like with traditional marketing, just like with with any of these other pieces, don’t guess it any of this stuff, like there’s proven ways that things are done in order to be able to get to a place that at least you can start seeing some change happening. And if you don’t actually build this thing out, it’s the right way. It’s gonna suck

Bridget Willard 43:59
100% I just put a link to the it’s Bitly slash Bridget Webb questions and that’s title case. And it will ask you to copy it to your drive. I’m telling you, it’s like the coolest thing ever. But here’s the thing like

we we Alex Vasquez said this at wordcamp. Orange County in 2014. Yeah, we need to partner with each other to get bigger clients who pay better. We all know that the cheap clients are the most difficult to manage, because they have an educated expectations on what something should cost,

Jason Tucker 44:47

Bridget Willard 44:48
We also know that your competitor may be ranking for something but that doesn’t mean that’s what people are searching for. For example, one of the legacy terms that we use online Websites all the time that really only belongs on a church website is the word testimonial. testimonial is when you get saved and you accept Jesus Christ, or some kind of conversion of faith, every view is what people are looking for. So stop using testimonials start using review. And then you’re already 1% better.

Jason Tucker 45:26
Yeah. I mean, right here. There’s your There’s your reviews. Yeah. And being able to look at those reviews, and you know, and see what it is people are saying about you is, you know, super important,

Bridget Willard 45:43
because people want to know, like, right, like, I could say, this is a great plugin all day like I am. But like, Triple J is like, that’s pretty good. Right. Jay, good luck on your political career,

Jason Tucker 45:58
right? He’s been doing he’s been in politics for many, many years.

Bridget Willard 46:02
I know. But you know, I mean,

Jason Tucker 46:03
it trips me out when people go like, Whoa, you’re running for blah, blah, blah. You’re like, yeah, running for blah, blah, blah. But doing this.

Bridget Willard 46:11
I never I never saw those pictures.

Unknown Speaker 46:13
So cool.

Jason Tucker 46:16
Oh, my goodness. So let’s, let’s let’s transition into our Tool Tip of the Week.

Bridget Willard 46:23
So besides everything we’ve been talking about for the last 45 minutes, that include my content planner. I mean, all I do is build tools. I mean, I will literally put links in here to my collection letters, everything. I want you guys getting paid. But I’m a real specific thing. So this is hat tip toe wrong America. It’s called versions. Oh, yes. Be and I know, it’s like, it’s like file Zilla for SDN. All I knew about SDN before we did this plugin is that it’s a pain in the ass. WordPress is like, in like the Jurassic Park version of software. Why aren’t they on GitHub. And so we had to have a readme dot m d file for get up and then a dot txt.

Jason Tucker 47:12

Bridget Willard 47:14
this was something that we purchased. And it is awesome, super easy. Ronald showed me how to use it and like 10 minutes. And you know, you know, here’s the thing with WordPress. You can’t use the word WordPress in your description of your plugin that is a WordPress plugin on the repo page, even though, so what’s a trademark, but also it’s a WordPress plugin. So you can’t use it in the name. It’s not like I’ve just okay, whatever. Okay, that’s fine. I have my own web property. I will change it to copywriting plug in, hyphen. Launch with words, okay. I won’t say WordPress, or like, so I had to change that was WordPress copywriting plugin. So that changed it to small business, copywriting plugin.

Jason Tucker 48:14
Whatever, okay, people, like, you know, but you can change that all the time. You can a B test the heck out of that.

Bridget Willard 48:22
I know I have, and with plugin rank, the tool I gave you guys last week? Uh huh. I’ll put my affiliate link down there. It’s $9 a month. Like, why would you not sign up for that?

Jason Tucker 48:33
Yeah, it’s Yeah.

Bridget Willard 48:34
So, um, but like, you know, the thing is has a lot of domain authority. And we want those reviews on And, you know, why not be where somebody can search in there. You know, if a small business owners looking for blogging help, why wouldn’t I want, you know, blogging is very competitive. copywriting is it’s so much but you know, you got to be there because that’s where the people are. Sure. But so when I had this way, I don’t need Ron’s like, you won’t need me I won’t be the bottleneck, which is a really sweet way of saying it. You’re driving me fucking crazy with all of your GitHub commits, stop rewriting stuff. But the thing is, once we see it on the internet, it doesn’t matter how many times I write something in a Google Doc, when I see it on the internet, even I rewrite it. So if you’re managing your version control for, that’s the best $60 you’re going to spend. So yeah, it’s a breeze. It’s like a reminds me of file Zilla. It was just so easy. They made FTP access so easy back in the day, and I haven’t used that since like 2000

Jason Tucker 50:00
Why? Oh boy, yeah, file Zilla. Oh my goodness.

Bridget Willard 50:06
Yeah, you log in once with your username and password, never have to log in again. That’s it. It’s so easy.

Jason Tucker 50:16
I was trying to set up my phone so I can show you my talking. Or tip now that’s okay, I’ll show you this things are things are things are being weird right now. But I’ll show you. So this one has nothing to do with WordPress at all. It has nothing to do with with has nothing to do with WordPress, it has nothing to do with, with with much of any of the things that we normally talk on the show. But it’s it’s a tool that I’ve been using quite a bit of. And I’m hoping if you’re someone who’s been working from home, and you may be using the same tools and techniques that that I use around my house that you would use this as well. I’m in my house, I have security cameras, not in the house outside the house, I have one of my driveway and have one of my front door. And I’m in a room just like I you know, like I am right now, totally far away from all that stuff. But I want to know, when someone walks down my driveway, I want to know, when someone gets to the front door, I want to be notified of it, I want to be able to look at it. But also like, if I have a TV in the room, I could have my camera show up on that TV. And so what I wanted to show you is an app that kind of works on the iPhone, it works on

Bridget Willard 51:31
your on a security guard.

Jason Tucker 51:34
Yeah, exactly. So let me let me do a quick little screen share here. So you can take a look at it. And what this thing does. And there’s a whole bunch of these. And it all depends on like what you know, what company and what software and everything and hardware that you’re using. But what this does, and again, this looks like for some reason my cameras aren’t showing up correctly, I think it’s because I’m in some weird part of the house. But what it does is it makes it so that I’m able to see those cameras from the from my phone and be able to look at them. So here’s like my, you know, the the driveway. And then I have like one for the front door and one in the garage. And I’m able to kind of see each of those cameras. Well, if I get a you know, if the doorbell rings or something like that, or somebody walks into this, it brings it it ends up telling me that, you know, this is you know this is happening, you should go take a look at it. What’s what I like about this particular plugin itself, or this particular thing itself is that you can customize the look of those. So if you have a lot of cameras, you can kind of play around with this little bit and be able to make it so that you can see all the cameras on the screen.

Bridget Willard 52:48
Rhonda is super excited.

Jason Tucker 52:50
Yeah, so these cameras, for instance, are the ring video doorbell. But Arlo is another one that you can that you could get in there’s there’s one by Logitech there’s one by a whole bunch of different companies. It really just depends on like, what ecosystem What is this one app? Is this app ties into those.

Bridget Willard 53:10
So is that its ecosystem? agnostic?

Jason Tucker 53:13
Yep. Yep. So cool. Yeah. So this is a great way of being able to it’s called home cam. And home cam actually makes a hole, they make a whole bunch of other whole bunch of other apps that work with it. Like you can see, here’s the front door, and here’s the driveway. So you can just like quickly going loaded up real quick, take a look at it. If you have an Apple TV, the Apple TV hardware, you could actually load to this app up on the TV. So it just runs on the TV, and you don’t have to do anything. So if you wanted to look and see a grid of all the different cameras that are on your property, you just load up this this app on Apple TV and let it rip. And you never have to go and change anything. It just kind of just runs, you know, runs there. So if you’re in a room in your house that has an Apple TV, you can just load up this app, let it run up there. And then you’re good to go.

Bridget Willard 54:11
Dad is so epic.

Jason Tucker 54:13
Yeah. So like, for instance, at your place, if you had if you had a what they call home kit, compatible doorbell, you could put that doorbell on your on your you know, in your front porch there. And if somebody were to walk by, it would notify you that somebody walked by, if they push the doorbell, it would notify you that somebody push the doorbell. And all those are built in. That’s just like that’s just that’s just normal. The part that’s not normal here is that when you have an Apple TV or even a phone, if you have an old phone that you just want to or old iPad or something, you just want to have it sit there. You could use that as a way of being able to monitor your property and kind of take a look at it and see what’s going on. So yeah, take a look at it. It’s I want to say it was like two bucks or something. I mean, mostly once these apps are like teeny, tiny price. But it’s it’s a great way for me to be able to kind of look at what’s going on. So on our TV in our living room, when you walk when you walk in there, you just see a grid of cameras, and you never have to like think, oh, what’s it what’s in the front yard or anything like that. It just sits there running, so you could take a look at it. And if we have other other TVs in our house, you could just let them up and take a look at them there too. So that’s good stuff.

Bridget Willard 55:25
Hey, I got some else to tell you. What’s up. So you know how much I love Bitly. And I don’t want the branded link because I do it for clients. So I’d like it being Bitly. Right, but we made a post and then my client was like, Oh, sorry, we don’t want going to that link. Can you take it down? So I took it down? Because I had made them. I customized the back half, right? Uh huh. And then she’s like, Okay, can you redirect it to this link instead? Yeah, bowtie. I don’t want to. So this is when people say, Oh, this is this product worth this price.

Jason Tucker 56:07
Right. Well, let

Bridget Willard 56:08
me tell you the pain of me having to say to my best client, I’m sorry. I can’t redirect that link was greater than me giving Bitly $35 for their next level plan just so I could do that. Now. Mind you, everybody bitches a complains about $25 managed hosting a month. Right. Okay, I’m on site district. I was on pestival $25 a month. Ah, Bentley’s $35 a month, just to be able to do that. And I don’t even want the customer to me. I just don’t want to be able to tell my client who pays me 1000s of dollars. Do that. So yeah, I just started spending even more money on a thing. So when you guys yeah, before you, but I know. But I, but I Bitly has a better brand recognition, people will click on a bit

Jason Tucker 57:10
late. That’s true. That’s true.

Bridget Willard 57:12
Okay. And we’re dealing with brands matter. And you know, I’ve been doing that campaign URL. So like all over the internet, the sources bridges,

Jason Tucker 57:20
dams. Yep. Yep. So

Bridget Willard 57:22
the thing is that when you’re pricing your product, and people ask me this all the time, why are you? How did you come up with that price? Like, are you kidding me? I’m in pricing all I’m on the internet. I’m on the internet all day long people. Don’t forget that. That is a main selling point. It might be just that one thing. That one thing, you know, like Ronald has a plan for maintenance for $25 a month. And I’m like, Oh, you mean I like to pay $25 a month to be able to pick up the phone and go, Hey, Rhonda is gonna kill me because I messed up my site. Yeah, that’s for $25 a month. You know what I mean? So like, sometimes as people who create, we’re self conscious about our prices. So like, yeah, the Bitly the Bitly story, Bridget Willard are willing to spend 70 times six. So six times seven is 406 times seven is 42. Right? I’m not good at mental math 40 $420 a year. So that I don’t have to tell this client, I couldn’t fix this one. Link, one link, one link.

Jason Tucker 58:49
I hear you. I want to I know we’ve been pitching Bridget stuff all day today. And I totally get it. But I do want to let you know that Bridget’s Bridget’s plugin is available on Product Hunt. I need you to go to product Titans website, I need you to go over and click on that orange thing on the upper right hand corner like I did earlier. And I want you to click on the up vote button. So that way, this thing gets up voted. I need all of you to do this. So that way, when people go and look on Product Hunt, they see that that number is more than

Bridget Willard 59:23
if I just felt like a cat. I just feel like I’m I’m not the person who’s always asking, I’m the person who’s always giving. And this is the time I’m asking and I didn’t want to keep asking, unlike Listen, I have this tool. It’s free. It’ll help you guys, you don’t want to do it or whatever. So I might add you to my mailing list. Big deal and subscribe. I’m not gonna cry, but maybe I’m going to help you. You know,

Jason Tucker 59:48

Bridget Willard 59:48
You know, I’m not. I’m not really selling as much as I give I give most. I don’t really. I have clients. I’m okay. I have leads. You know Yeah, a little bit too busy. But I was rather disappointed that for all the support I’ve been getting to developers over the last 10 something years that I had that I couldn’t even get 100

Jason Tucker 1:00:15
Yeah. You know

Bridget Willard 1:00:16
how many times I’ve been asked to vote somebody thing on product con? That was more upsetting to me than only having nine votes. Uh huh.

Jason Tucker 1:00:25
So go over there, go to Product Hunt, go look for lunch for words. Click on the link that’s in the bottom there on any of the pages that Bridget’s plugin is talked about on her site. She has a product on link on there. Click on it. I want to see that thing weigh more than nine. It was eight before I clicked it.

Bridget Willard 1:00:42
I know I have 16,000 followers on Twitter, and I can’t get 100 of votes on product time. Come on, guys.

Jason Tucker 1:00:51

Unknown Speaker 1:00:52
you’re out.

Jason Tucker 1:00:54
Bridget, it’s been an hour. Thank you very much for hanging out. I really appreciate it. Here’s our outro thanks. Go over to Dave slash subscribe to learn how to subscribe to this content and all the other content we have going on over there as well. We’re available on Apple podcasts, Google podcasts, Stitcher, Spotify, and YouTube. Feel free to take a look at us. They’re not y’all later. Bye.

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