EP185 – Value Add Marketing with Launch With Words

Value adds are a great way for WordPress Developers to differentiate their services from freelancers and agencies. So many developers launch, bill, and leave. There’s no annual contract, no maintenance, and no support for clients.

Here’s your website. Good luck!

What if we could change that? What if you could add value (with the current and premium version) of a WordPress plugin? Jason and Bridget will chat about her new plugin. It encourages your clients to blog (read: publish) once a month with best practices in mind.

Because the content and framework are in a draft blog post, no need to worry about them messing around in the dashboard or needing admin access.

Extend your services. Build with intent. Launch with Words.

Learn more about Launch with Words

Bridget’s Links to Help Developers

This Week’s Panel

Jason Tucker @jasontucker
Bridget Willard @bridgetmwillard

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Tool Or Tip Of The Week

This week’s Tool or Tip of the Week is brought to you by The Definitive Guide to Twitter Marketing.

Jason recommends HomeCam for integrating your Ring (et al) on AppleTV.

Bridget recommends Versions for when you just can’t even with SVN and the Plugin Directory.

Show Timestamps

00:01:39 Bridget Introduces Herself

00:06:16 “This website is still alive; it’s not a dormant thing.” Jason Tucker

00:06:44 “I feel like people don’t really know me.” Bridget Willard

00:11:44 How do you spend your billable hours?

00:12:41 Why is Launch With Words JSON?

00:14:08 There are no other copywriting plugins.

00:17:31 Ronald Huereca built two plugins. The importer and the one for me.

00:19:03 Behavior Flow since Product Launch

00:19:41 “I am the source of truth for this plugin.” Bridget Willard

00:20:42 “you’re making sure that you’re getting the people that are actually going to interact with the content” Jason Tucker

00:21:52 The Mission of Launch With Words

00:22:39 “Hey, Bridget, what about duplicate content?” 

00:23:35 How does the Starter Pack Work?

00:25:28 How often should I publish?

00:26:29 Bridget double-dog dares developers.

00:27:56 The Franchise Industry & Syndicated Content

00:30:38 How Launch With Words is Different — Ideal Use Case

00:32:54 What is the business model for Launch With Words?

00:34:10 “You are on an infomercial. And that’s okay.” Jason Tucker

00:35:06 Jason’s Three-Legged Stool Analogy #MustListen

00:36:35 “I want to make WordPress developers’ lives easier.” Bridget Willard

00:38:06 “So essentially, everyone’s copying a bunch of BS, that isn’t actually like, what you absolutely need in order to be able to launch that site.” Jason Tucker

00:44:28 Partner Together to Get Better Clients

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