EP182 – Technical Dependencies and Marketing in WordPress with Devin Walker

What do technical dependencies have to do with marketing in WordPress? Everything. Technical debt is a thing — almost worse than student debt. But hey, you got that bachelor’s degree, right?

This week, Jason and Bridget are joined by Devin Walker, the CEO, and co-founder of GiveWP.com. We’ll have a discussion on how your dependency choices can affect your user experience. And that’s marketing, baby!

This Week’s Panel

Jason Tucker @jasontucker
Bridget Willard @bridgetmwillard
Devin Walker @innerwebs

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Tool Or Tip Of The Week

This week’s Tool or Tip of the Week is brought to you by The Definitive Guide to Twitter Marketing.

Devin recommends PHP Scoper built by Delicious Brains.

Jason recommends Clubhouse, a mobile app for Apple.

Bridget recommends Stripe Atlas for starting your business.

Show Timestamps

00:03:51 What is a technical dependency?

00:04:51 “There’s no real core, bakedin dependency manager with WordPress. So it can make things a little bit interesting for developer and ultimately, when it comes down to marketing is like, you know, you want to have the best user experience possible.” Devin Walker

00:07:10 “In this calendar year of 2021, WordPress is gonna have four major release candidates that have a 14 day period between the release candidate and the launch.” Bridget Willard

00:08:27 “Well, and the thing is, is you also have stability issues as well. So maybe just because they put something out doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s as stable as you’re expecting it to be.” Jason Tucker

00:09:37 Uncertainty with Plugin versus Core Updates

00:12:37 Node Package Manager — Packages within Packages

00:13:36 How does GiveWP.com manage ideal hosts for their plugin?

00:16:21 “It’s like the Wild West with WordPress when you build a SaaS you control everything, you know, but in WordPress, you have to check for a zillion environments. It’s very difficult.” Devin Walker

00:17:19 Plugin shops start as one-person shops.

00:18:48 “And growth in the internet industry is the number of users.” Bridget Willard

00:19:38 GiveWP and SaaS for User Experience

00:21:11 “But if you’re non-technical, you want something more turnkey. That’s where SaaS can really shine.” Devin Walker 

00:23:46 The good and bad of Saas.

00:25:53 “You listen to enough podcasts, you’ll want to use Squarespace.” Jason Tucker

00:26:35 “You just want to sell baked goods on Saturdays. Okay, Shopify, or Squarespace.” Devin Walker

00:27:19 “How do we touch the marketing side of this when it comes to those technical dependencies?” Jason Tucker

00:27:33 Devin brings up waas-pro.com.

00:29:22 How do you explain to your user base that your plugin won’t break?

00:30:15 Reach out to other plugin developers to work together.

00:31:57 Jason talks about getting pitched products on our podcast.

00:33:39 Bridget talks about EatsWP.com

00:34:39 Market While You Build

00:36:13 How do you have intimate conversation without WordCamps and after parties and lunches?

00:40:17 Give Sneak Peaks in Your Facebook Group 

00:45:17 “A plugin that chooses to be dependent upon you might be one of your biggest advocates.” Bridget Willard





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