EP178 – Using Twitter for Lead Gen for WordPress Businesses

What’s the business application for using Twitter? Can you really grow your business by tweeting? What about Lead Gen? Yes. You can generate leads and build your business on Twitter.

The best business application for Twitter is LeadGen. We think of Twitter as a place to rant. But you can find your customers there if you’re willing to do the work.

This week Bridget and Jason will give you 45 minutes packed with their best advice. Also, Bridget has a tutorial on using Twitter for BizDev.


Jason Tucker @jasontucker
Bridget Willard @bridgetmwillard

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Tool Or Tip Of The Week

This week’s Tool or Tip of the Week is brought to you by Keys to Being Social — The Book. By the way, the price goes up January 1, 2021. So get it while it’s only $10.

Bridget recommends Teladoc.com Sometimes, even if you have insurance, this is just easier and more cost effective.

Jason recommends Threads by Instagram. You can record video with subtitles overlaid on the video then use it on Instagram or TikTok.


00:02:15 You can grab Bridget’s Book on Amazon for $10 through 2020.
00:05:25 How can you be an influencer?
00:09:18 Make Sure Your Twitter Bio Means Something
00:11:21 “People aren’t going to your Instagram bio, your Facebook page, your Twitter profile, if they already know you.” Bridget
00:12:40 “I get clients from Twitter.” Bridget
00:13:58 Will your next door neighbor know what you do by reading your bio?
00:15:37 “It’s because I care about the people that are in my world, that you can have those small talk conversations that become something else.” Bridget
00:17:12 What is LeadGen?
00:17:22 “People go to Twitter to read.” Bridget
00:18:54 How Do You Build a Following? LeadGen. Engage in Conversations
00:20:48 “Affinity leads to loyalty and loyalty leads to sales.” Bridget
00:23:12 Use the reply button for LeadGen — “So the Reply button is the most underutilized button.” Bridget
00:24:22 Open Your Reply Feed with Intention
00:25:36 Demonstration. You’ll want to watch this part.
00:33:26 How does the non-technical answer a technical question?
00:38:50 Bridget asks Jason about how he feels about a service company.
00:43:34 Aunt Patsy Doesn’t Understand My Job
00:47:24 Tool or Tip of the Week

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