EP177 – Hashtags – What, When, Why, How to Use in WordPress Marketing

Do you copy others in their marketing efforts? To some extent we all do. But is their audience the same as yours? Is their marketing person skilled? Or are you just following the influencer?

In this episode, Jason and Bridget will rant about hashtags. Okay. You’re right. Bridget will rant and Jason will balance her out. But that’s why you watch the show, right?


Jason Tucker @jasontucker
Bridget Willard @bridgetmwillard

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Bridget’s Videos on Hashtags

When we are self-taught, it’s easy to have gaps in our education. We see an influencer use a hashtag and copy them without really understanding the why. These videos should help.

Tool or Tip of the Week

This week’s Tool or Tip of the Week is brought to you by Keys to Being Social — The Book.

Bridget recommends Lumen 5’s Business Video Maker. This tool allows you to convert a blog post into a video and more. Their pricing starts at a free plan and goes up to enterprise level. You can even write a script. With a tool like this, there’s no reason why you can’t build up your YouTube channel.

You’ll have to watch the episode to see Jason’s recommendation.


00:01:52 What are hashtags
00:02:51 Twitter Chats using Hashtags
00:04:03 Hashtags are a filter
00:04:37 Hashtags as sarcasm
00:05:09 Hashtags are like search
00:06:20 Hashtags are links
00:06:26 Hashtags are not translated
00:07:33 Hashtags are not transferable between social networks when crossposted
00:08:12 Hashtags and TikTok
00:09:06 Nobody can own a hashtag
00:09:29 Be careful with hashtags
00:10:12 Hashtag Trends
00:12:02 This episode is worth $175 of my time
00:14:06 Hashtags are like Categories and Tags in WordPress
00:15:23 Question – Do you encourage people to follow your hashtags?
00:17:05 You don’t have to use all the hashtags
00:18:32 Hashtags are not a magic thing
00:19:12 Hashtags on Facebook
00:20:03 Organizing your hashtags for a tweet
00:21:01 Hashtags and accessibility
00:22:58 Hashtags and Instagram tip
00:25:44 More tricks on organizing a tweet with a call to action and hashtags
00:26:43 Capitalize hashtags for accessibility
00:28:04 Games using Hashtags
00:28:48 Off topic and silly
00:30:06 Hard returns in tweets
00:30:42 Hashtags help people participate
00:31:36 Phone vs computer and hashtags
00:33:06 Sometimes hashtags are a long game
00:33:43 Follow Bridget and her modeling
00:34:33 Number of hashtags in a post
00:35:15 Sometimes it’s better to reply than retweet
00:35:45 Use the native client for the social network at least once a day
00:36:13 Twitter Fleets
00:38:26 Bridget’s way works, try it for 2 weeks
00:39:14 Google Analytics and Twitter
00:40:28 Tool or Tip of the Week
00:41:37 Bridget’s Tool or Tip of the Week – Lumen5
00:48:34 Jason’s Tool or Tip of the Week – WAVE.video
00:50:17 Bonus tip – Using Canva to create video
00:53:25 Bonus Tip – Storyblocks with Canva
00:54:44 Reformating video using Canva
00:55:57 Building “Stories” in Canva
00:56:56 Bonus Bonus Tip – Video Leap
01:00:20 Outro

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  2. Check it out! @WPwatercooler EP177 – Hashtags – What, When, Why, How to Use in WordPress Marketing

    Don’t just copy influencers or the big names in WordPress. Learn to use hashtags effectively by thinking it out as part of your strategy.



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