EP176 – Prepping Your Clients for Their Web Content

EP176 Prepping Your Clients for Their Web Content
You’re hired to build a website. Maybe it’s in WordPress or Squarespace. The client pays you. You ask for the content. Now what?

Regardless of the tool, Wix, Squarespeace, WordPress, ClassicPress, you still need content. You may be using a JAMStack over Larvel. Heck, you could be doing it in FrontPage. You still need words.

Words come from clients. Clients need a website. They don’t have words. What do you do now?

Jason and Bridget talk about how you can get the content from your clients, or, better yet, outsource your content writing and include it in your contract.

Copy Bridget’s Website Questionnaire to your Google Drive to make in-house content generation easier!


Jason Tucker @jasontucker
Bridget Willard @bridgetmwillard

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