EP174 – Marketing with Accessibility Part II with Joe Simpson Jr

Accessibility and marketing go hand in hand. It may not seem that way at first, but how do you divorce the user’s experience from your product’s marketing?

Can people find your website, use it, and get the information they need? Maybe, sure. What about Instagram? In-Person Menus? Do your videos have subtitles? Are they accurate?

Joe Simpson, Jr. joins Jason and Bridget to expand upon this topic we began in Episode 167. Join live to ask questions and be part of the chat.


Jason Tucker @jasontucker
Bridget Willard @bridgetmwillard
Joe Simpson Jr. @joesimpsonjr

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Table of Contents

0:11 Intro
1:32 You know, it pays to have a friend that’s a photographer. ~ Joe
5:38 How do you get a business owner to care that their site isn’t as accessible as it should be? ~ Bridget
6:36 Something like this forces them to realize that everyone needs to use their site. ~ Joe
8:51 Sticky headers on cell phones are not good ~ Jason
10:15 they have a table or phone ~ Bridget
10:36 It’s forcing people to simplify. ~ Joe
12:18 How can WordPress developers use the pandemic and need for accessibility as a marketing opportunity for themselves? ~ Bridget
13:25 The big challenge is making the basic stuff work ~ Joe
16:27 But if you’re a developer, you want to use some new, thing, Bridget. ~ Jason
16:57 They think of the visual before the even consider who the audience is ~ Joe
18:12 I’ve seen too many times where, you know, we want to use the new hotness that just came out. ~ Jason
19:02 Hey, I’m all about bells and whistles. I’m in marketing. ~ Bridget
20:22 This guy needs a better website because it wasn’t even resopnsive. ~ Joe
22:26 Yeah, just think of how many don’t have an online ordering system. ~ Joe
23:19 To say your credit card number over the phone, it’s not PCI compliant. ~ Bridget
24:17 These tools are already there for you to use. ~ Joe
24:46 My niece is deaf and when she’s done at work, she take off her hearing aids and she’s done. ~ Bridget
26:25 You can’t buy liquor in the grocery store at all. ~ Bridget
29:55 When you add transcripts to your video I’m sure it improves your SEO. ~Joe
31:19 You know, I watch TV with the subtitles on. ~ Jason
34:35 They will give you the ability to essentially build a lexicon of words ~ Jason
35:31 85% of folks that watch videos on Facebook look at them with the captioning turned on and the sound off. ~ Joe
36:49 TikTok videos that have subtitles. ~ Jason
37:19 No one is listening. ~ Bridget
37:32 They say to verbalize some of the things that are visual because people are making these videos to visually entertain you. ~ Joe
40:32 When things are forcibly broken, it gives the opportunity to go back and clean it up. ~ Joe
42:08 The fallback for oEmbed is that if you did an oEmbed correctly, it’s just the link. ~Jason
42:45 You can always take a screenshot. ~ Bridget
43:17 It was just a screen reader’s nightmare. ~Joe

Tool Or Tip Of The Week

Your ad could have been here. Just sayin’

Joe reminds us that you can turn on captions on Instagram in your settings.

Jason recommends Otter.ai for transcription service.

Bridget recommends Codecademy.com for learning PHP, which is something she is doing now.

Weekly Watercooler Discussions about WordPress and it’s community.

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