EP173 – What Is An Empathy Map And Why Do We Care

In this episode, Rhonda Negard joins Jason and Bridget again to talk about how an empathy map helps with your user experience (UX). You’ll want to take notes during this show!

Download (copy to your Google Drive) for this episode: Empathy Map



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What is Empathy?

Rhonda points out the difference between sympathy and empathy. But also the fact that it is easy to say we are empathetic toward our clients, until we’re not.

Empathy is understanding your user’s experience. Know the difference between what people say and what they do.

“UX is about understanding who you’re serving.” Rhonda Negard

“We say one thing and do another.” Rhonda Negard

Sometimes we need self-awareness to understand how we express (which is compassion) or understand our empathy.

Do the Research

Doing the research in empathy may take different forms. But don’t let your knowledge stop you from understanding your mix of clients. You should have a good mix of big, medium, and small clients. And remember that you are building a community of personas, not just one.

“Sometimes we get burdened with the curse of knowledge.” Rhonda Negard

“How do I get people that not me to buy my thing?” Jason Tucker

Facilitate This Discussion with Your Client

The empathy mapping is best when it is a facilitated activity. Brand strategists, good ones, are intuitive like coaches.

“That intuition — a lot of designers have that — it happens naturally through conversation. …Your facilitator and your partner can translate [and see the pattern].” Rhonda Negard

The quadrants aren’t linear. You can write notes wherever they feel natural and move them around later.

“There is something freeing about not being in a bulleted list.” Rhonda Negard

Ask questions. For example, many entrepreneurs used to be employees. That network is useful but maybe your role changes. When you have a network, your role may change depending upon if you were an employee and now are an entrepreneur. Digging in with a consultant like Rhonda helps break through these.

Tool Or Tip Of The Week

Your ad could have been here. Just sayin’

Rhonda recommends Miro for both project management, course prep, as well as client meetings. Also don’t forget to make a copy of Rhonda’s empathy map to your Google Drive.

Jason recommends Meeter. This is a great way to consolidate all of your calendar invitations.

Bridget recommends LibriVox to listen to books in the public domain..

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