EP167 – Marketing With Accessibility in Mind

Effective marketing includes considerations for your audience and their needs. This is why accessibility matters from your website to social media hashtags.

Joe Simpson, Jr. joins Jason and Bridget to have this important conversation. Be sure to tune in.

Learn about Joe from his website. Definitely watch his presentation at WordCamp Long Beach.

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Accessibility is Simple – Include as Large of an Audience As Possible

Accessibility adds to your value as an entrepreneur and improves SEO. Everything starts on your phone; design for small and think about how we communicate. Plan for the worst-case and then you will make it easy for everyone.

Get someone else to use your website to see how they use it; this is a basic UX principle, Joe reminds us.

“Accessibility is about making your services and your business available to all people.” Joe Simpson, Jr.

It is worth noting that if your business comes under litigation (class action) for ADA (physical) issues they can also add digital issues. Yes, they can throw your business website into the class action on path-of-travel and other ADA issues with your property.

Accessibility and Websites

“The great things about WordPress is that a lot of themes are accessible out of the box.” Joe Simpson, Jr.

“When I think about accessibility, I ask people to open up their website, close their eyes, and hit the tab key three times. Do you know where it is supposed to be?” Joe Simpson, Jr.

Accessibility and Alt Tags

“With alt tags, context of the tex hat is around the image [is important].” Joe Simpson, Jr.

If the image is decorative, then mark it as such. The WP Admin now has that feature.

Accessibility and Search

Good semantic HTML is good for accessibility and SEO efforts. Don’t forget all of the great voice assistants that everyone uses.

“When I heard that people are listening to their emails [I knew accessibility has a larger audience].” Jason Tucker

Accessibility and Hashtags

When you CamelCase a hashtag it’s not only easier for the sighted to read it, but screen readers will read it to a user as two separate words. CamelCase is capitalizing the first letter in each word. Remember that punctuation isn’t


Accessibility and Social Media Images

Whenever possible, use alt descriptions for images that you use on social media as well. This helps you reach a much larger audience. Twitter allows you to write alt tags for your photos as well as GIF library images you post.

Tool Or Tip Of The Week

Your ad could have been here. Just sayin’

Joe recommends Buddhify to help you meditate on the go.

Jason recommends Grabatar to sync your contacts with their Gravatars.

Bridget recommends Sarah Beth Yoga for anyone interested in yoga.

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