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COVID-19 and social distancing has changed the first half of 2020 dramatically. So, how can we sell things like real estate without meeting in-person? Expert and friend of the show, Carin Arrigo joins Jason and Bridget to discuss on this thought-provoking episode.

“Don’t avoid COVID; let’s deal with it as it is.” Carin Arrigo

As people, relationships are important — maybe now more than ever. Having a quality relationship with your clients has been a part of sales since day one. This is something Carin Arrigo, a real estate professional, knows deeply.

As she writes, “YET, in the brilliant words of Galaxy Quest, ‘never give up! never surrender!’ Ok, maybe not all the time. Sometimes take a break. Breathe. Regroup. Check-in with clients and allow them to lead. Be there when THEY are ready.”

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In-Person Sales Requires Awareness

It’s easy to set up an eCommerce website and never interact with a person. Real estate, and most client services, requires relationships. Relationships thrive with communication, continuous check ins, and, of course, in-person meetings.

Real estate traditionally has emphasized coffee shop meetings and car pools to open houses. If you have a big client load, this can be a burden with the new restrictions. (And there is no guarantee that real estate will return to pre COVID-19 practices.

“Ask the right questions; deal with the individual.” Carin Arrigo

Carin started working full-time in real estate in 2008 (perfect timing, right?). What drew her to this career was a love for people and her own personal freedom. (Does this sound familiar? Remote work FTW)

“In real estate, you can make what you want to make. I really do take on one client at a time.” Carin Arrigo

Being self-aware allows you to choose the right career for you but being aware of other people makes you valuable. It’s totally find to make money.

“Motivation is not a bad thing. We all have talents and weaknesses.” Carin Arigo

In-Person Sales Requires Empathy

Carin loves working with seniors and even the children they have left behind. Many people sell their homes to downsize or to move into assisted living. Sometimes Carin’s clients are the children whose parent has passed.

“We don’t know our client’s stories. It’s very important to listen. This is not a time to work on lead generation.” Carin Arrigo

In-Person Sales Requires Work

COVID adds layers that Realtors have to deal with. Now you have to think outside of the box — literally. There may be a contingency period. Now, there are extra steps to show a home virtually than in-person. This means taking great photos, doing live or virtual tours, and helping your clients choose the right home in the beginning.

You may have to suggest a mobile notary, not be present during a home inspection or an in-person visit. Provide masks, gloves, and instructions. Wipe down commonly-touched surfaces like doorknobs with sanitizing wipes.

“Real estate professionals have to work; they actually have to put in more effort.” Carin Arrigo

Sometimes the client isn’t a match. That’s fine. Be comfortable with your own boundaries; it’s fine to turn down a client.

“Anytime I feel resentful, I listen to the resentment.” Carin Arrigo

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Jason Tucker 0:01
This is The WordPress Marketing Show reconciling social distancing. And so number one thank you for our sponsors, surplus makers, desktop servers.

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What’s up everyone? How’s it going? Bridget, it’s, it’s, it’s it’s fun to try something new. So thank you all for that are watching on the show. Where we’re gonna be doing some fun stuff today. We’re gonna be talking with our friend Carin,. Carin does some really interesting things online and we want to kind of go through and kind of dig through it and talk about it like, like the intro said, we’re gonna be talking about mobile, mobile first marketing strategies. No, no, we’re not talking about marketing strategies. Oh my gosh, my scripts all screwed up. We’re gonna talk about reconciling social distancing. Yes. Mobile strategies, we could do that.

Carin Arrigo 1:24
So not me.

Jason Tucker 1:25
Yeah. So we’re gonna be doing, you know, we’re gonna be talking about reconciling social distancing and in-personal sales today. And it’s, it’s a, it’s a, it’s an interesting topic to discuss because of the just the times that we live in the things that are going on around us. I’ve been watching a lot of advertising where every single like I actually watched live TV last night for the first time in probably like six or seven years. And every ad was just like “In A World…” And it was just like, so dark and cold and scary. And I’m just like, wow, how are you people? Watching, like advertising like this? Are you kidding me? I had two parts of Parks and Rec special that they did. So I really needed to watch that and the only way to watch it was to watch it live. So Carin, tell tell us a little bit about yourself and what what you’re doing and and then I also want to hear about, like what you’re doing now, you know, and kind of get us started a little bit on that part of it.

Carin Arrigo 2:24
Okay, great. Um, yes, I’m a real tour, realtor, real-a-tour.I’m an advocate. I really enjoy what I do. I am not common and a lot of ways you would think a realtor is and by that what I mean is I really do take one client at a time and, and so it’s a little less conventional. But you know, in real estate, you can kind of make what you want to make you can. I love the freedom of being able to work the way I want to work, and I don’t necessarily, I’m not going to gel with every single client. They’re not going to gel with me. Yes, we all need to make a living.

You know, but I think what’s interesting, I’m just gonna get right into the COVID thing in a way. Yeah.Because I’ve been doing this since really full time since 2008. And I actually started in 2004, when it was like the, like, oh, everybody’s selling real estate, but like for four years, because I was I was raising children and I had a father law that had dementia, and that was that I was just kind of thrown into that. And so I really didn’t start till he went into assisted living and so since 2008 I’ve been doing this And I’ll tell you that right from the get go. I always knew that I wanted to put, I was so fascinated with the people part of this business. And the COVID thing, in a way has for me hasn’t really changed the way I work or the way I dress. It has raised what I already my philosophy already is. And what that is, is that, you know, we don’t know, our clients stories. When we first meet people, we have no clue, we assume and I’m the same way we judge we assume we, you know, this must be your situation or that must be your situation and you better do something about it, you better yourself or, you know, so

I think during this time it’s very important to To listen. And even more so now because this is not a time to. Like, for me anyway, this is not time to work on lead generation or, you know, we can’t do networking things in person. And things like this, you know, like, it’s really great to connect face to face, even even on a computer screen.

But this is really the time to understand what a client is going through or a prospective client. Okay? So I’m just diving right into that as well.

Bridget Willard 5:45
It’s good because like I know a little bit more because you’ve kind of niche down in real estate with selling a parent’s home now, so that they can go to assisted living.

Carin Arrigo 5:59
Yeah, so

Bridget Willard 6:01
you’re working with children who may not even get along, who are dealing with a very difficult situation. Right. So it sounds to me like you started at a really bad time.

Carin Arrigo 6:18
No where to go but up and because, you know, working with my my father law having to deal with that, that started that spark working with seniors. So I will just kind of backtrack a little bit. And that’s really been my, my main passion is working with seniors, families. You know, what do you do? Somebody lives in the house for 35 years, and I’ve had such an incredible amount of stories I have saved, you know, like, you learn, nobody’s the same, nobody’s the same. I don’t care if you have, you know, mom needs to go assisted living. And then dad, the next time dad needs to go to assisted living completely different stories even though it’s a similar situation. So, To put that in perspective, working with seniors, working with families of C with seniors, takes a lot of patience, and especially again, going back and forth with COVID. I’ll give you an example. I have, so I’m going to say her name, just a first name Norma. She was my very first senior client back in 2009. And she recently passed away. We became really good friends. And she now I’m working with her daughter, her daughter is, you know, she needs to sell her mom’s manufactured home. And she wanted to do this maybe over a year ago. Well, now her mom has passed away. And of course now we have COVID And she was already kind of hesitant her daughter just so overwhelmed for a bunch of other reasons, because she was taking care of her father in law. I mean, her father was in assisted living as well. And her mom was aboard care. I mean, just this whole thing. Okay. So and she’s an only child. So I really have a lot of empathy for caregivers. And it’s a very difficult decision. Okay, well, we’re going to sell this house, and I don’t really know what to do. Anyway, now we have COVID. And now I just talked to her and I say I keep in touch with her. How are you? What’s going on? How are you feeling? You know, and her mom has passed away. So you’ve got this double whammy of losing a parent. You already hesitant about selling Because it’s so overwhelming, right? And you have to go through things, you have to go through the stuff. And I think part of what I do is we’re a sounding board. And we’re not here to.

Soand all this talk about, you know, I want to be your trusted advisor.

Bridget Willard 9:29
I’m going to be your trusted advisor, Carin, the realtor, which has to be

tricky, though, to be the trusted advisor in this situation, right?

Carin Arrigo 9:37
It is really tricky. And that’s why there’s this fine line because there’s this fine, like, I want to sell. I mean, I want to I have a living, right, this is what I do for a living. And at the same time, what I want, why would that be more important than what a client wants? So it’s a marriage. It’s sort of like a you have to be pretty intuitive. And understand the motivation. And motivation is not a bad thing. It’s a wonderful thing to pull out and really figure out what a client wants. And I’m not a stat person. I know that’s really weird for a realtor to say, your graphs you won’t see. Yeah, and I appreciate statistics and I am grateful for statistics and people who do that and I will research and learn that I’m not a natural understatement statistician. When it comes numbers in real estate,

Jason Tucker 10:40
is that because of the clientele that you have, and that you’re having to present your your findings in a way that they’re able to absorb and not feel like you’re being BS’ing them with graphs and charts.

Carin Arrigo 10:54
I think that we all have talents, and we all have weaknesses. And my talents lie In the human condition and in the humanity part of real estate in particular, so that if I were to really push stats on a client or talking to somebody that I don’t know, it would not come across very natural.

Jason Tucker 11:15

Carin Arrigo 11:18
And, and enough to, you know, like, Okay, I’m not an idiot.

Some people would beg to differ. But no, I, I think it’s important to learn all the time. But there’s that human element that for me, that’s it. That’s everything. It starts there.

Bridget Willard 11:37
So you’re talking earlier about, like, you know, I don’t gel with everybody. And that’s something that we all deal with, like, you’re the real estate version of all of our WordPress friends, right? You’re choosing something that gives you freedom, right? Like that’s what we’ve chosen also, right. We we’ve chosen to work at home, we’ve chosen to work in tech Whatever for the freedom of that. But this client situation, you know, how do you know? Like, what what are your like, Oh yeah, that’s not gonna work.

But what are your red flags when you’re dealing with class?

Carin Arrigo 12:17
That’s great question. It’s, it’s, it’s a lot of it is experience

a lot of mistakes. And I think when anytime I start feeling resentful, I listen to the resentment. Why am I so resentful? Why am I so resentful talking to this person listening to this person? It’s, it’s, again, it’s experience because I’ve made mistakes where one time, one time I’ve walked away from the deal before anything was signed, and I said And then I had another client for a year the house never sold.

And it was terrible, was terrible, terrible, terrible.

Because I really felt convicted that I was right about the price of the house. And we kept, I kept going back and forth with the seller and, and but you know those experience because I would never I would never handle it now the way I did four years ago. So it’s, there’s nothing better than experience because we’re going to make mistakes. And we’re going to learn. I think too, the more you really put yourself out there and learn to be the most comfortable you are, the more discerning you get. And those red flags are not sometimes not always alike. So I was brought up by my mother who always said, Honey, I listened to your little voice. And that becomes more and more apparent. The longer I, I do this, and so there you go.

Bridget Willard 14:12
So I was gonna ask like, okay, so you’re used to dealing with people and fearful situations and right now, you have everything on the spectrum of No, I’m not gonna wear a mask. The governor is crazy making Orange County shut down our beaches. We’re not as dense as anywhere else. This is ridiculous. To Why are you trying to kill me because you’re not wearing a mask? Do you hate everybody that lives around you? Um, yeah. How are you dealing with getting things notarized? The I mean, real like, I’ve talked to people now I have a real estate client and Phoenix. I think things are closing like it’s fine. But how are you doing? With like, okay to pull it in offer to sign this escrow viewing the house. These are some of these things have to be done in person. You need the notary to look at you and you have to put your thumb stamp.

Carin Arrigo 15:17
Like, I got a look at put on it, you get all your

Bridget Willard 15:21
flu viruses and hepatitis on there, you know?

Carin Arrigo 15:27
Yes, it’s people are still selling people are still buying. I see it all the time, isn’t it? And I’m in it. And I just closed an escrow last week with my buyers and they ended up well, first of all, let me just say this, okay. Here’s a novel idea for realtors today. Guess what? They have to work

they actually have to make We have an effort.

And by that I mean with all top of all the the standards, the documents, there’s, there’s different state of California has already issued several new documents because of COVID. And we’re all learning, we’re all new. Even the most seasoned agents, oh my gosh, how do I do this? What do I do? But on the other hand, it’s like, Okay, you know what? Let’s raise that bar. Let’s learn what we can learn and not be afraid of change. And that’s really hard. Because, you know, real estate, like, Oh, you sell a house, put a sign up and, you know, have a couple open houses. So things like virtual technology can be very powerful. It’s what you do with, it’s what you do with it. And I think that just to back up a little bit what you said about the notary, my buddy actually ended up going to escrow live in person

and way apart

and we’re not they notarized in person. Now I have heard but it’s masks, it’s like, you know, it’s adapting. And there’s also been, there’s also mobile notaries that can come to your house but still, it’s other than that though, there’s so much that can be done.

Online there really is. It’s like virtual tours.

And I think that’s where, you know, realtors are being sort of forced in a way to Oh, I better learn this. And all of that is learnable just like the stats. But it still comes down to human connection. It still comes down to it. You know, you you saying me, I I’ve seen you and Am I the right person to sell your house whether it’s through a pandemic or not? And let me tell you, I just finished with my buyers we started in November and it’s you know how I live near castle Park. It’s a really fun little

poor man’s busy time

and you know they have the kiddie rides and they have like the little, a little roller coaster that just has a couple of little like, you can feel a little bit a little bit. Okay, but then there’s like Magic Mountain. I can’t even tell you all the roller coasters I it’s not my jam. But that is the kind of roller coasters my buyers and I have just gone through. And part of it was pre pandemic, versus like a newborn in the middle of this. They had an offer on the house, the seller. This was right at the beginning of the whole lockdown The seller got really nervous because they were moving to a bigger house, a bigger house payment. And it’s like, You know what? I don’t think we want to do this. I’m not gonna do it. So seller pulled out some of my buyer. Oh my gosh, okay, well, now what then they just my buyers just said they were exhausted. Oh, they said, Okay, you know what? We’re putting this on hold. We’re not going to do anything till September. And you know what I’m okay. Who I’m going to breed with you guys and we’ll just keep in touch and what am I going to do like, know that you better buy now you know, it’s just it’s so I saw what these people were going through and there’s so many homes we looked at all that stuff. So what ended up happening is that my buyer she found this house, okay on her own and she called me and I said you want to take a break? Are you okay? Are you okay? Are you eliminating forever He said no this house kind of special I really want to go see it. Well it turns out and of course by now

I think we loved it I think so. So then it’s like okay well and this is before

car California associated realtor had had implemented this particular document I won’t go into So anyway, I’m his house was vacant. And I showed it to her and she says yes, this is the house. She had been in the house before years previous with a from a friend who used to work together. And she was just drawn to the house drawn to this house, and then turns out that her husband loved it too. We put in the offer, it was accepted. And then the more we got into this, you know, April COVID. Okay, now you’re gonna have a home inspection. I can’t be there. I let the home inspector in, have a nice day go do your thing. She closed you know, it’s it’s, that was weird. That’s that was a different thing. Because usually I’m there. And so these are just changes that have to be made. And so anyway that I just wanted to share that because it was like pre pandemic. And then in the middle of all this, and that’s where I realized, having gone through the experience that you know, we need to really think about the motivation what is important. Now they didn’t have to buy they were renting, and they were really tired of renting. And she had after this whole thing before she found this house, it was like Okay, you know what, we’re just going to pay rent. We’re just going to pay the rent out I don’t really know what’s going to happen, but I’m so tired of this. I’m so disillusioned. And then she found this house and we closed and so they like my other client with a manufactured home. She really does need to sell. She needs to finances she needs those that stability. Yeah. So that is that is. And you know, I’m originally a jersey girl, right? So nudge a little you could nudge with care and compassion.

Bridget Willard 22:33

Carin Arrigo 22:33
You know, nudging is okay if it’s done in a very authentic way. And that’s kind of how I am with her right now.

Yeah, did I answer your question?

Bridget Willard 22:47
I mean, like, john Elisa has been doing these videos, kind of like how you write his stories. Yeah. And he was he was answering some questions like people are saying, why is anybody Buying and selling real estate right now like, aren’t you super greedy? And he was talking about some code thing. Like it’s a financing like if you it’s I think it’s like a capital gains situation or if you had it you have a certain amount of time after you sell your home in order to buy a new one.

Carin Arrigo 23:22

Bridget Willard 23:22
Well, that’s all considered profit and you’re in big trouble with Uncle Sam, you know. So like, Is there any of that kind of situation that’s propelling real estate at this moment to?

Carin Arrigo 23:37
Yes, yes, it is. And that’s where that’s why there is not a realtor for every client. It’s not every, you know, every clients not going to have every realtor. I deal best with hand holding. I deal best with that advocating and When someone is like in a situation where they have to do something like right now

you just have to take that for what it is. And

it’s kind of like, you know, when way back in

the Obama day was a call to the there was a stimulus. You were you were given

Bridget Willard 24:25
an 2008 recession

Carin Arrigo 24:26
Yeah, right. Right. So even then I was feeling like, okay, that’s a that’s an incentive. We all want incentives. But if it’s not the right time for you, I don’t know. It’s just a it’s such a mixed bag. And so people who are on like, you know, they have capital gains. Yeah, that’s a real thing. And you don’t want to miss that. I mean, that’s a big deal to miss that whatever that two year limit is and so that’s I would never dismiss that I would never dismiss somebody who like these are real concerns. Real, these are real concerns.

But the COVID

whatever your beliefs are, yeah. You know, like you’re saying, you know, don’t wear a mask, wear a mask. We’re all this is all a conspiracy. Oh, any of that.

Put it to the side. Yeah. Put it to the side and listen

and do what’s right. And do what’s right.

Bridget Willard 25:33
Have you? Your clients are extra stressed right now, because of that underlying, definitely.

Carin Arrigo 25:39

The hesitation that hesitation is real.

What am I going to say? There’s nothing to be worried about. Now there are shifts that we can take. And in real estate like you know, like anything else, we we get so used to our little, you know, but I’ve always done it this way. And Outside the Box, maybe you got to think outside the box. And it really is possible to sell. And it’s probable that you’re going to sell your house and you think, well, who is buying these homes? Let’s talk about loans. I’m not going to talk about loans, because I’m not a lender. But and then you have like, oh, but you’re never going to get a lower interest rate than you are now. You know, all of these things. Have that kernel of truth. Okay, yeah, I really do. But again, it’s all about the individual, all about the individual, and my client who needs to sell her mom’s home. I want her to have that money. I want her to have that security. And I will do it on her time, but with my nudging, and the two of us will work and she am earning that trust. I’m earning that trust and some people don’t really care about trust. Well, I guess people do but I’m saying that it’s it’s not Just a numbers thing. It’s not just how many look at all the homes I’ve sold, look at, you know what I’ve done here what I’ve done there, I’m the top sales and I’m not diminishing anybody who markets themselves that way. There’s no judgment. There’s no judgment, it’s just that we have to do what we believe in for ourselves. And, you know, I’ll talk to anybody. I’ll talk to anybody I will listen.

Jason Tucker 27:29
I think you have, I think you have to in this in this time, because the fact that there are people that need to leave their homes, like they literally have to get out of the situation that they’re in and, and a lot of them are going to end up either moving in with their, with their parents, or for as a security as a security type thing. We’re just like, I want to make sure that you know that they’re taken care of and that it sucks that I have to live with them because I have haven’t lived with them since I was a kid. But you know, they need me just as much as I need them. And this is just what we’re gonna have to do to kind of make sure things happen. And so, you’re I’m hearing that time and time again from friends where I’m just like, wow, you’re moving back in with your parents. So like, Oh, I’m not moving like they’re, they’re kind of moving in with me. Oh, well, yeah, I see what’s going on here. Okay, really?

Carin Arrigo 28:22
Absolutely. And I think part of a realtors position, a role is of a facilitator. And that’s where it gets a little tricky, because when you have different family members you know, it’s not it’s not my job to make everything. Like I can’t make everything right. But what I can do, it’s very diplomatic. And so people who have to sell a house or have to move back in you know, whether it’s selling Whether it’s leasing whatever, it really is a role of facilitator and a problem solver. It’s very much there’s a lot of mediation involved, even though I’m not a professional mediator.

Although that wouldn’t hurt

because this is a very, you know, we are dealing with human beings here. And on top of that, it are the financial strains and the uncertainty of you know, can I make my mortgage Can I make my rent?

High that is, that is so real. And I don’t think we really even, you know,

nobody knows what’s going to happen. Nobody

you know, so we have to deal with what we have to deal with right now.

Bridget Willard 29:47
That’s, that’s so key as like, that uncertainty is such a great segue to talk about this really great organization. You may have known them formally as WP and Up. They’ve been rebranded to Big Orange Heart. Together we support and promote positive well being and mental health within them remote work communities together, we can press forward, you can find out more about their services at big orange They want to they we want to reach out to remote workers at large, not just people who work in WordPress, because we are seeing so many people working at home now, with so many issues of loneliness, isolation, escalation of issues and marriages, escalations of abuse. And our big question at big orange heart org is how are you? There is going to be some really amazing tools. There are some tools right now, so please go visit There’s somebody there to talk to you today.

Carin Arrigo 31:04
That’s wonderful. That’s wonderful. Yeah,

Bridget Willard 31:09
yeah, it’s really it’s really like, Whoa, you know?

I’m, I’m scared of for people. You know, I’ve I’m scared for people who aren’t used to living together as much as they are men who literally don’t feel safe. Mm hmm. Yeah, it’s, yeah, it’s really crazy time. But like, you’re right, like, people have to move on. We have to still do things we have to do, you know, and I’m, I hear everything on the map of this is gonna be like the Great Depression. This is gonna be another recession or you’re gonna have a recession anyway. Like, that’s when I’m like, you know, this is my crazy brain. It would be cheaper. If I Die. Like I know I, there’s I haven’t paid for my funeral arrangements yet, like that’s still, you know, on my back burner, but also like, the thought of having another 2009

Carin Arrigo 32:18

Bridget Willard 32:19
me to the point where I feel like oh my God, that’s it. I’m moving to Vermont or Nashville or Atlanta just anywhere, not California. And I know that I know for me that no decision based in fear is ever a good one. Like, are you encountering any of the Exodus sales? Like we saw, kind of around 1997 it, you know, like, there was these cycles of waves like they used to be when people came to California. There’s cycles of waves where they leave California.

Carin Arrigo 32:57
I have seen a little bit of it, but that happens. Just in the last couple of years, I have sold homes people have moved out of out of state. Okay by California. I don’t I don’t sense a panic though. I don’t sense.

I sense sort of Hurry up and wait.

You know, we always think maybe another place is going to be

better than where we’re at. We’re at.

You know, but

I think that, you know, it’s very important to just stay grounded and deal with our reality. Do the changes in real estate that have to be made, the changes are there and it’s up to us as a realtor. Like as, like a counselor, in a way to just reassure, and it doesn’t mean everything’s perfect. It doesn’t mean everything is horrible. Somewhere in between let’s stick with the reality of the situation. Let’s ask the right questions and deal with everybody on an individual basis. And that’s hard to do with our herd mentality with our stuff that we read. stuff that we hear. I mean, even without COVID Okay, even without COVID Yeah, you know, we’re just like, well, I heard this and I heard that and, ah, just really, it’s really a challenge to stay grounded right now.

Jason Tucker 34:43
So how are you managing the in person side of it. I know that, like for me, you know, I work at a church. I’m the IT director, I have to go into the office and make sure things are working correctly. I don’t have to go every single day. But I go in and I have vendors that I’m working on. We have a huge construction project. Object I have going so we have tons of people that are moving around and doing things how are you how are you kind of going through and and dealing with the in person side of it. You know when I was going through and looking for the photo to put on the background of this, I was trying to find a house that was for sale but wasn’t ready for sale yet like you could see the background there on the bottom right below me on the left hand side, the grass is all jacked up. The pool itself is a little dirty and stuff I didn’t go and find like that million dollar home or multi million dollar home knowing that you know the houses that you’re that you’re trying to sell. Carin aren’t just like, the ones that someone has, like, fully polished. It’s like this house is like been lived in for generations and now they’re having to go and to sell it. So how are you? How are you kind of managing that side of it and then when it comes to the to dealing with people that have to come into the home, how are you managing that side of it as well.

Carin Arrigo 36:00
Well, it depends on if it’s vacant. If there are actual sellers living there.

In my particular case, the one I’ll be listing is vacant.

And I’ve heard Okay, I’m not going to say I went on but I’ve heard First of all, I work for a brokerage. That is my, my broker is still very in tune with all of us. We have a special Facebook page, private Facebook page, he is in constant communication with all of us. I just called him last week at the end of my escrow. He’s just there, he’s present. And as far as dealing, you know, like, meeting people, there’s a thing called the phone. I still use it.

Jason Tucker 36:49
I saw familiar, familiar.

Carin Arrigo 36:53
You know, there are those meetings. I do miss at Starbucks. Let’s just meet at the coffee shop. Let’s just Have a really quick conversation.

You know, but

there’s, there’s this

there are so many different ways of connecting. And there’s, you know, for me, it’s kind of like social media social media is just an extension of, of relationships. It’s not the crux or the, you know, the holy grail of ships. It’s just an extension. So that’s the way I look at it right now. I can’t see everybody I want to see the person and there is a fear of going into a house. Right now California, you cannot have open house or real open house like a live open house, you just can’t. And there are certain mandates, you know, like, only two people at a time looking through a home and even with even with a vacant home, I’m thinking okay, so I can leave some agents are leaving booties there they’re providing masks for buyers. And some at least I will do this with my listing is I want you know I really asked for a pre qualification or pre approval letter from a lender. Yeah, well no looky loos no like okay, let’s really get down to are you serious about doing this and so between what’s mandated and what our beliefs are someone we have to

we have to like marry those two.

Bridget Willard 38:40
What about all the touching though..

Carin Arrigo 38:43
I know.. I know

Bridget Willard 38:45
each other but the touch

Carin Arrigo 38:48
the table that and you would be agent note they’re very like showing instructions are very specific about that

Some agents, some listing agents will actually require that they are there while you show it, because then they’ll do the cleaning after the buyer leaves. And I would know that is perfectly understandable. And so again, you gotta work we have to put the effort in to your client, and making sure that they feel safe and that they feel confident and your facilitation and whatever that takes. Okay, you know, like, touching stuff and cleaning and all that. Yeah, I’ll tell you.

Bridget Willard 39:46
How much of that do you think will stay like post?

You know, like a lot of it does.

I mean, I never really thought about now like woah like, I mean, I’m already I have an autoimmune disease. So I’m already like Howard Hughes. But I mean for regular people, you know, they’re

Carin Arrigo 40:06
it’s not a bad thing, believe me, this is actually a positive thing because usually when you show a home, the seller is not there. Okay? Now the thing is a seller can just leave for a little bit and come back to this. So it’s always uncomfortable for a buyer to go in and the seller sitting right. can’t really be open about like, Oh, I just love everything in this house and say like, Okay, I’m going to get the kitchen as soon as we buy it. So, you know, things like the cleanliness and, you know, in a way, it’s kind of good because open houses are really weird, and there’s a lot of stuff that’s gone on. And personally, when I do an open house, I like to be alone. So there’s some safety issues. And again, I don’t live in fear of that, but it raised your consciousness, you know, and Yeah, stuff like, touching and are they looking through my things?

That is a very valid point.

Aside from the cleaning part, but you think about, like these people are coming into my house, but now it’s only two at a time

at a time. So I think that, you know, everybody is a solo person a buyers have been doing this for years. They have been, they’re looking, they’re doing their research. They know, they know, they don’t, they may not know exactly what they want, but they’re doing their research and what they’re looking for in a house. And so there’s still so much to do before you even enter a building.

Bridget Willard 41:43
Has it changed the list of houses, you’ll show them?

You know, like, Oh, these are my I would like everything with two or more bedrooms. Okay, well, that’s 147

Carin Arrigo 41:58
You know what, I think it’s again, Depends my wonderful buyers that just closed it that was necessary it was necessary for them to look at a lot of homes and it sometimes you can’t start very strategically because they don’t really know and through seeing and these were back in the day you didn’t need any form you weren’t on lockdown you could just walk to a house make an appointment or use your super key and walk in it’s really so if you’re not able to do that, then okay you know what we’re virtual, your virtual and I will say this too. little side note my my own observation is I’m finally starting to see here the MLS showing instructions. Agent knows there was it was like, you know, what is anybody going to bring up COVID is like you know, like that they were just normal. Showing instructions like go direct you know, please make appointment but nothing about the forms that you’re supposed to use all this I’m seeing that more and more but it’s been interesting it’s been gradual it wasn’t like okay just like one day was this another day it was that so that is becoming part of our new normal and that’s good that’s an important thing don’t avoid COVID do not avoid it let’s deal with it as it is and get through that it’s an extra layer now it’s an extra layer but it’s not a complete it’s not this unmovable Boulder.

Bridget Willard 43:44
Right and I think that even when what Bridget was saying about you know the the fact that you have to clean houses you have to make sure all the things you know I mentioned doorknobs there’s tons of things that need to be cleaned and dealt with and everything. But I also feel that at some point, you know, you Even though people still need to buy and sell houses and do all that stuff, that people are going to have a kind of a choice in which they’re if they’re whether or not they’re gonna want to go into a new a new space to just look at it to see it’s like they’re gonna have to do it virtually or something like that. And people are just gonna kind of, they’re gonna have to go through and essentially have these like little bits of mental notes there that they’re gonna go like, ah, I don’t feel like I should go in this space. You know, I work in a church. It’s a it’s a physical, it’s a physical, physical experience going to this place and it’s like, Can we stay it? Can we stand six feet away from each other? It’s like Yeah, but there’s not enough six feets. You know? It’s it’s the same thing with like, you know, everybody everybody piles into Karen’s car we all drive to all the different houses and we all look at the houses and can you came and do that now. So now you’re you’re essentially doing a caravan of cars driving around look at everybody’s stuff. So yeah, it’s a it’s a it’s a tricky one.

Carin Arrigo 44:59
Yeah. People buy people buy cars online. Yeah. And something else to just get a little, a little real estate. There’s a thing called contingency period. And there are homes that regardless of COVID, they’re just, you can’t see them, maybe a tenants in there. And it’s all based on subject to inspection. So you have this period of time in California, it’s usually 17 days. And during that time you get your home inspection. It’s just time for everybody didn’t like to have all the disclosures together everything. So during that time, if, if buyers haven’t signed their release contingencies, they can still back out of the deal. They can still get their earnest money deposit. So that is something that I tell people that just to calm them down a little bit like, you know, because we’re going to, it’s so weird to think like, I’m going to buy a house. I’ve never seen it before I purchase. That’s so bizarre, bizarre to me like people buy a car without test driving.

They do. And, and so

and again, that’s, you know, there are ways there are avenues. Yeah, different paths to take where it’s already scaring a buyer. It’s so scary to buy a house. And you know when it’s scary to sell a house, there’s so there’s just like, it’s huge. Okay, I don’t care in the best of circumstances and the best of market. It’s very scary especially Have you haven’t done it very often. And, you know, like I said, This adds COVID adds layers that realtors must deal with. They gotta do.

Jason Tucker 46:53
Well, I want to transition into our next thing which is our Tool Tip of the Week. Our Tool or Tip of the Week. This week is brought to you by Adobe Spark Post. with Adobe Spark Post, you can generate a color palette for free in just a few minutes. This color palette picker can help you better understand color and how it can improve your brand identity. First sift through our pre selected palettes and I’m going to show you a little visual here are pre selected palettes that can be personalized to your liking. You can also save your brand colors to your local library for easy access and future designs. Use the eyedropper tool to find sample colors for your images and logos. Allow yourself room to play around with your palettes get creative and get free inspired, give feel inspired by what your design is communicating, develop your brand’s aesthetic with Adobe Spark posts color palette. If you haven’t checked out, Adobe Spark I’ve been I’ve been playing around with it with for graphics for social media. I’ve been playing around with it for kind of building out new images and new things like that. If you haven’t checked it out, it’s it’s, it’s a really cool thing to kind of load up and just play around with you can load it for free and just kind of mess around with it and see how it works. But the part that we were focusing on the most with that was their color palette picker, which is really cool because you just like throw some images in there and it just gives you colors. So feel free to take a look at that. We appreciate their support. I feel like I want to like do yoga now. Right? Yeah, I know. Right.

Unknown Speaker 48:30
Do you want to start us off with your Tool Tip of the Week?

Bridget Willard 48:32
Sure. My tour Tip of the Week is Graham spacer app. Ram spacer app was 299 in the App Store. Andrew Lee made it it’s freaking awesome. I mean, I hate Okay, I have so many strong opinions about emoji, especially inside a text because your brain goes from reading words. To buy a picture, and there’s a dis there’s a, you know, a disjunct, it just stops stops you from reading. I wish that everybody would please just take my tip and, and don’t use it but they’ve used it. This they’ve used those emoji to break up lines. Well, now you don’t have to. With Graham space or app, you open the app, you type in whatever you want, or you type it somewhere else, throw it in there, push return, like on a typewriter, you get those hard lock line breaks. Then there’s a big thing at the top says tap. In order to copy, you tap it, you go back to your post where the images that you course made in Canva or Adobe Spark that has big giant text, people could actually read it, and then you press paste and boom, it’s there. It stays there. It doesn’t get messed up. There’s not a bunch of weird periods all over the place for fake hijacking is freaking awesome. I love it. It’s one of the best like the best $3 I spent in a long, long time. I’m telling you it’s making me loving like kind of mini blogging again. And I did I wrote a big post the other day. And yeah, Love it. Love it. Love it, love it. Love it definitely worth $3

that’s pretty cool. So as you type in new lines on on each of the

right and then when you actually post it, they actually show up right? Not all weird and hijack because using some weird font to make it happen or whatever.

I guess I guess I never type in comments and Instagram where I need to have more than one line in that but

if you’re not doing that, like girls are doing that or not worrying.

Jason Tucker 50:54
Like that’s cool, bro.

Bridget Willard 50:58
No, not That’s a comment not commenting on people’s stuff, your own captions. It’s your own capital

Carin Arrigo 51:06
when you write your, you know, like dissertation.

Bridget Willard 51:12
You know, there’s people I read like Carin who are and yeah,

Carin Arrigo 51:16
I want a mini blog.

Bridget Willard 51:18
Yeah, but I’ve want to read that like, and this just makes it easier for your eyes. You know, all of us wear these. And if you have it, you will when you’re 40 I

Carin Arrigo 51:28
didn’t happen when I was 42 or contact lenses. Okay.

Bridget Willard 51:33
So, granted, I haven’t been for I haven’t been 40 in 20 years. I know. But like I keep thinking of the people that even the Cox Communications email I got. I took a screenshot and then send it back to them said, first of all contrasts secondly, just like four point font on my phone. Love Bridget. Yeah, not for us.

Before I hijacked services, Show us I lost my vision

Carin Arrigo 52:05
No, I think I’ve I think I’ve made my point. And

one of the thing is education. Okay, having an open mind right now real, there’s a plethora of webinars, there are so many emails that come into my box like you know how to how to sell during code.

You know, really

just like

again, how to be your trusted how to be there, your clients, trusted adviser during COVID you know, so these things, pick and choose, pick and choose I, I’m always educating myself all the time. When my board of realtors that kind of education is really important. And I just really thank you for This time because it’s really a wonderful conversation to have. And I really love talking about. I love I’m so passionate about the humanity part of what I do. It’s everything.

Jason Tucker 53:11
Well, I’ll show you I’ll show you guys mine. So I’ve been I’ve been playing around with a couple different video editing suites. I don’t necessarily want to go and buy like $300 video editing software for my Mac, I maybe at some point, I might, I don’t know. But obviously, this isn’t a this is not a sponsored thing or anything like that. But the folks over here at way wave dot video is what I use to build our intro video for the show today. And so, I it’s, it’s it’s kind of an interesting little piece here, but what it does is it makes it so that you could throw together a bunch of videos and photos and audio clips and even kind of do spoken you know, word over on top of it and be able to kind of throw All those pieces together and make a video out of it. So for right now they have no they have a COVID special, which is why I did it because this is great. But what this does is it Yeah, you can, you can go in and do this, it’s all through the web, you just kind of go in, put all the pieces that you want together into it, hit save, and then it gives you a video file that you can download. They’re kind of the piece that kind of makes us expensive is the fact that they want you to host the video with them. Almost like how like Wistia or one of those types of like services does. And I don’t necessarily need that, like I’m gonna play this on this. I’m already paying for the system we’re using to kind of stream this stuff live. Right But, but to kind of go in here real quick and easy. And just like you know, open up one of these and take a look at it, hit edit. And then while you’re in there, you know, does a little quick little video thingy and then you’ll be able to Go in and make changes to, to that video. And so you’re gonna get a video editor at the bottom here, you can get, you know, here’s our ads that we just you know, that we did earlier so you can get those. And then you have, you know, support us on Patreon you have like all those sorts of pieces that are in here. And you can go and quickly and easily just like make changes to how this is going to look. So you don’t have to, you don’t have to like build from scratch, but you still get the layouts and the different layers and the water marks and audio like the audio is audio that came from these guys as well. The video that plays in the background is his video that I selected from their list of videos. So it it’s all kind of built in. It was pretty simple. And what’s neat about it is I can go and take this and say I want to turn this into a vertical video or I want to turn this into a square video for Instagram

Bridget Willard 55:54

Jason Tucker 55:55
Yeah, so I can go in here and just say like, you know, I want this to be a square video boom square video. I have two vertical video boom vertical video.

Bridget Willard 56:04
So you can make an IGTV video.

Jason Tucker 56:07
You totally could. Yep. So it’s a it’s an it’s an interesting product and it’s something that I no joke I’ve only played with for maybe for about two or three days now. And it was one of these things where I saw it and I was like, I don’t know, this, this might not be like the best tool to use to build this. And then I was like, yeah, I’m gonna, I’m gonna play around with it a little bit and see if I can if I can make this happen. And what what I think is neat about it is the fact that the tool itself isn’t what is going to be is not going to be the limiting factor for you. Because if you want to, you know, if you want to go in here real quick and say I want to make a horizontal video, and I want to make it for a particular industry. So if I’m doing like, let’s say like interior design or something like that. You have this like, why Background interior design video if I go and open this up like my video is ready to go I hit edit and now I can start editing this video. So like somebody like Karen could come up with like a quick little video on here’s the interior design work

Bridget Willard 57:17
there is a realtor remotely working right so

this is you touch

Jason Tucker 57:25
but you hit play anyway it does it. If you want to add a call to action you can add a call to action here real quick and stick that in there if you want to add some text you can add some text in there. Oh man that

Bridget Willard 57:37
still works.

Jason Tucker 57:38
Yeah, it’s it’s pretty cool. So pricing wise Just so you know, pricing wise for this is they charge $29 a month for the creator plan if you get it monthly or annually, but if you get a monthly then it’s $39. So it’s a little bit outside of what I would want to pay for software that I’m just going to be building very small little videos for, which is like that balance because their big thing here is that they’re giving you 30 gigabytes of space. And they’re giving you a custom player. And it’s like, I really don’t need that. I just need this to be a cool editor.

Bridget Willard 58:17

Jason Tucker 58:17
it is a cool editor. Like it did a great job of doing our intro and all that stuff. But it’s just it’s just, it’s a little bit it’s a little bit too much for what I need. And so maybe for this month, I’ll just be building out a bunch of these things and hit save and

Carin Arrigo 58:33

Bridget Willard 58:34
Bridget was our next 10 shows. We’re just gonna put the gas in there and hope they show up.

Jason Tucker 58:41
Exactly. So I want to wrap up here I do want to let you know if you can go over to our website, over on Patreon. If you go to, you can support us if enough of you do it. I may be able to pay for this stuff. But before we do that, and before we even pay for any of those things. We’ve been paying for our transcription services. And I think transcription is super important for us. Because we want to make sure that people were able to read our content, both on our website as well as, as closed captioning on the bottom of the screen. If you’re watching this on Facebook or YouTube, you’re seeing a computer essentially generate this right now. And if I talk really fast, like I am right now, then it probably is not going to do a very good job of interpreting that. So yeah, make sure you go over to our website and go check that out. I want to wrap up here and let you know that you can go to W water core comm slash subscribe where you can learn how to subscribe to this and all the other content that’s over there for free. Go take a look at that. I haven’t updated our graphic yet, Bridget, my apologies. And we’re also podcast so if you listen to us as a podcast, you can do that to go over to Carin, thank you very much for hanging out with us. We really appreciate it. I

Carin Arrigo 59:54
loved it. I really I adore you guys and thank you for this platform. This is a wonderful conference. A lot of podcasts lately. I’ve been listening.

Jason Tucker 1:00:04
A lot of podcasts. talk to y’all later.

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