EP157 – Reconciling Social Distancing and In-Person Sales

COVID-19 and social distancing has changed the first half of 2020 dramatically. So, how can we sell things like real estate without meeting in-person? Expert and friend of the show, Carin Arrigo joins Jason and Bridget to discuss on this thought-provoking episode.

“Don’t avoid COVID; let’s deal with it as it is.” Carin Arrigo

As people, relationships are important — maybe now more than ever. Having a quality relationship with your clients has been a part of sales since day one. This is something Carin Arrigo, a real estate professional, knows deeply.

As she writes, “YET, in the brilliant words of Galaxy Quest, ‘never give up! never surrender!’ Ok, maybe not all the time. Sometimes take a break. Breathe. Regroup. Check-in with clients and allow them to lead. Be there when THEY are ready.”

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In-Person Sales Requires Awareness

It’s easy to set up an eCommerce website and never interact with a person. Real estate, and most client services, requires relationships. Relationships thrive with communication, continuous check ins, and, of course, in-person meetings.

Real estate traditionally has emphasized coffee shop meetings and car pools to open houses. If you have a big client load, this can be a burden with the new restrictions. (And there is no guarantee that real estate will return to pre COVID-19 practices.

“Ask the right questions; deal with the individual.” Carin Arrigo

Carin started working full-time in real estate in 2008 (perfect timing, right?). What drew her to this career was a love for people and her own personal freedom. (Does this sound familiar? Remote work FTW)

“In real estate, you can make what you want to make. I really do take on one client at a time.” Carin Arrigo

Being self-aware allows you to choose the right career for you but being aware of other people makes you valuable. It’s totally find to make money.

“Motivation is not a bad thing. We all have talents and weaknesses.” Carin Arigo

In-Person Sales Requires Empathy

Carin loves working with seniors and even the children they have left behind. Many people sell their homes to downsize or to move into assisted living. Sometimes Carin’s clients are the children whose parent has passed.

“We don’t know our client’s stories. It’s very important to listen. This is not a time to work on lead generation.” Carin Arrigo

In-Person Sales Requires Work

COVID adds layers that Realtors have to deal with. Now you have to think outside of the box — literally. There may be a contingency period. Now, there are extra steps to show a home virtually than in-person. This means taking great photos, doing live or virtual tours, and helping your clients choose the right home in the beginning.

You may have to suggest a mobile notary, not be present during a home inspection or an in-person visit. Provide masks, gloves, and instructions. Wipe down commonly-touched surfaces like doorknobs with sanitizing wipes.

“Real estate professionals have to work; they actually have to put in more effort.” Carin Arrigo

Sometimes the client isn’t a match. That’s fine. Be comfortable with your own boundaries; it’s fine to turn down a client.

“Anytime I feel resentful, I listen to the resentment.” Carin Arrigo

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