EP155 – Landing Page Best Practices

Let’s go back to basics for a moment. What is a landing page? Where do you build one? Also, what are the best practices for landing page to achieve your goal?

In this episode, Jen Miller of Next Door Marketer join Jason and Bridget to let us in on her industry secrets. You will not want to miss this episode.

“All of our marketing is relationship marketing.” Jen Miller

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Landing Pages are Stories

Landing pages should be easy to read, informative, and help your customers learn more about you. What is the solution you have and how will you help them?

“You want to tell a story. Build from there.” Jen Miller

What is a Landing Page?

“A landing page is a page on a website or maybe even an independent page on a different platform that you direct people to, to have them sign up for a specific product, service or subscription. And a lot of times landing pages come through social media either through advertising or through a specific post that’s shared and/or they come through an email campaign or they come through you know, television, radio, postcard and that instead of a general website.” Jen Miller

Well, that was easy.

Basically any page on your website or even vanity url that has a call to action is a landing pages. Realtors often use the address as a vanity url or specific one-page website, Jen says.

One-page landing pages work very well with postcard campaigns. If you pair it with an email campaign be aware of your timing and the current world situation.

“It was a different world six months ago. There should be a little bit of room to consider everyone’s financial situation. You should spend an hour on it and ask yourself, ‘is what I’m doing appropriate?’” Jen Miller

Landing Pages Are For a Specific Audience

The point of the landing page is to reach a specific audience for a specific reason. Maybe the listeners on ESPN want to hire a HR agency. That landing page should be catered to ESPN’s audience.

“You want something target to the people you’re trying to reach.” Jen Miller

So, if you’re using the landing page in a coordinated ad campaign, it is important to tailor the copy on that page to that audience. Don’t send a generic landing page to everyone. Find a format that works and then duplicate it for different audiences.

Don’t forget video, too.

“Putting video on a landing page just works.” Jen Miller

What is the Best Landing Page Tool?

As with most tools in business, the best tool is the one you use consistently. But go look at landing pages you like — as a consumer. Get tips from that.

  • Headline
  • Text
  • Video
  • Text
  • CTA

“There are concepts that are universal to great landing pages.” Jen Miller

Video keeps your audience on your page longer. If it is longer than a minute, consider using a transcript or time-stamped bullet points. Your video better bet amazing if you want people to watch it.

Test Your Landing Page

You should test your landing page on multiple devices. This is especially important for font size, positioning, and popups.

“Look at your site as a mobile user on multiple devices.” Jen Miller

Don’t Get Lost in Analytics

The more you use landing pages, the more your bounce rate will increase. This is because the landing page isn’t meant for navigation. Instead, Jen Miller suggests thinking more about your conversion rate than your bounce rate.

“If the reason why they are bouncing is because they bought a product; that is a win.” Jen Miller

Many landing pages have long-form content to keep the users on the page. They can even contain 2,500 words. But note that if your plan to drive traffic from social, use short copy. If you drive traffic from an email campaign, longer is better.

Tool or Tip of the Week

This Tool or Tip of the week is brought to you by Fat Dog Creatives. If you’re a service-based business serious about growth, Rhonda Negard is your rebranding and web design thinker, a strategic design specialist. Check out her website at FatDogCreatives.com

Jen recommends Marco Polo. She thinks this is an excellent zoom replacement for quick team-building and even client-facing updates. Also, she has one earbud in and one being charged at all times. Now, that’s a great tip.

Jason recommends Caption This. Record and have your captioning happen as you talk. Save it and use it for Instagram or Facebook Stories and more!

Bridget recommends the “Curio App;” listen to the articles you like at a great subscription price of $8/month.

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