EP153 – Effective Marketing Copy Has Empathy

We all know that websites need words. But how you say something matters just as much (or more) than what you say. In this episode, Jason and Bridget are joined by Amber Pechin to talk about writing marketing copy with empathy.

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About Amber Pechin

Amber and her business partner own and operate Amplitude Media – a marketing and creative agency. She is an extrovert, a dinosaur lover, mom, trained Public Relations Professional, and writer of all things. Her core belief is that humans are amazing. You should definitely follow her on Twitter.

Her newest book is called “How to Make Friends with a T-Rex.” You’ll have to stalk her on Twitter to see when it is ready. She’s working on “Strategic Neglect: The Art of Winning at Parenting” as well.

What is Communication?

“You’ve not effectively communicated if the person you’re talking to doesn’t understand the intent behind what you’re saying or trying to communicate.” Amber Pechin

The only way to effectively communicate is when you can feel with them. So this is key.

It’s true that people are more sensitive these days. How do you get objective evaluation if you don’t accept criticism?

“As a society at large, we’ve gotten really bad at hearing people say something we’re doing isn’t good. We think that we are always right. It’s a human sociological thing. It’s our own internal bias.” Amber Pechin

Amber suggests you answer these three questions when approaching communication with empathy:

  1. Who is your audience?
  2. What space are they in emotionally?
  3. How will they receive this message?

Granted, we’re not mind readers, but a lot of this can be done by thinking of things from a PR standpoint. That is, Public Relations experts are trained for communications during a crisis.

Email Marketing During a Crisis

If you want to have effective communication and develop empathy, it’s up to the leadership to establish a culture of pushback. Surrounding yourself with “yes men” will not help anyone — least of all your company.

This is why an inclusive diversity is important. You can hire from every demographic, but if those people don’t have a voice, your company isn’t truly diverse. You’re also missing “multiple valuable lenses” as Amber says.

“Diverse doesn’t mean inclusive.” Amber Pechin

In any kind of email marketing (or any marketing) you should think about how your story is going to help the other person.

“What does the person reading this need to know?” Amber Pechin

Most often, they don’t. When in doubt, leave it out.

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Amber recommends two things: get an air fryer — it will change your life. Also, she loves Do You Yoga.

Jason recommends Drawful 2 which is free for the moment.

Bridget recommends learning things that you’re not naturally good at by playing games. To this end she plays Word Stacks nightly.




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