EP028 - Chatting #WordPress with "Women Who WP" - WPblab

EP028 - Chatting #WordPress with "Women Who WP" - WPblab 1

On this episode of WPblab we chat with a local nonprofit group Women Who WP about their group, why they started it and what they see coming in the future for the group.

Participants this week:

Jen Miller - needsomeonetoblog.com
Elizabeth Shilling - orcawebperformance.com
Brianna Privett - technosiren.com
Robert Dall - robertdall.com


Jason Tucker - jasontucker.us, WPwatercooler.com, WPmedia.pro
Bridget Willard - bridgetwillard.com, WordImpress.com, GiveWP.com

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