EP028 – Chatting #WordPress with “Women Who WP” – WPblab

On this episode of WPblab we chat with a local nonprofit group Women Who WP about their group, why they started it and what they see coming in the future for the group.

Participants this week:

Jen Miller – needsomeonetoblog.com
Elizabeth Shilling – orcawebperformance.com
Brianna Privett – technosiren.com
Robert Dall – robertdall.com


Jason Tucker – jasontucker.us, WPwatercooler.com, WPmedia.pro
Bridget Willard – bridgetwillard.com, WordImpress.com, GiveWP.com


Weekly Watercooler Discussions about WordPress and it’s community.

398 responses to “EP028 – Chatting #WordPress with “Women Who WP” – WPblab

  1. Adam Thomson Avatar
  2. Robert Dall Avatar

    It’s not a murder… 

  3. James M Avatar

    wp is universal

  4. Robert Dall Avatar

    That is only for crows

  5. James M Avatar

    just be a mute master

  6. Adam Thomson Avatar

    Robert is going to share his wisdom re: women in WordPress.

  7. TechnoSiren Avatar

    Tonight, we are all women.

  8. Bridget Willard Avatar

    @techno_siren I almost spit out my coffee!!!!

  9. TechnoSiren Avatar
  10. Sharraine Banks Avatar

    I’m so late to th e blab. Are you all talking about starting a wordpress?

  11. TechnoSiren Avatar

    (no but seriously I am actually a woman)

  12. Bridget Willard Avatar

    @PureRaine meetup yes

  13. Jason Tucker Avatar

    oh boy, were all going to sync up now

  14. Adam Thomson Avatar

    @PureRaine yes but FYI you are now a woman

  15. Bridget Willard Avatar

    @learnwithmattc lol

  16. Roy Sivan Avatar
  17. Bridget Willard Avatar

    @royboy789 #Bridgetable

  18. Matt Cromwell Avatar

    Women Who WordPress and Spit Coffee

  19. Roy Sivan Avatar

    its like a billion miles

  20. Sharraine Banks Avatar
  21. Jason Tucker Avatar

    @learnwithmattc yes

  22. Roy Sivan Avatar

    @learnwithmattc either coffee or craft beer

  23. James M Avatar

    that works on the weeeknds

  24. Roy Sivan Avatar

    is @rrobertdell on an evil villiian swivel chair?

  25. Matt Cromwell Avatar
  26. Roy Sivan Avatar
  27. Justine Pretorious Avatar

    WordCamp Vancouver is August 27 this year 🙂

  28. Bridget Willard Avatar

    @jpretorious Nice job, Justine

  29. Adam Thomson Avatar

    @learnwithmattc like a polar bear’s toenails

  30. Justine Pretorious Avatar

    I saw it earlier today @YouTooCanBeGuru

  31. Jason Tucker Avatar

    interesting PULL request

  32. Roy Sivan Avatar

    We have East Coast Canadians

  33. Roy Sivan Avatar

    Toronto to Montreal

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