EP37 – Building #WordPress Community Through #Meetups

This is a replay of the live broadcast with Jason Tucker, Russell Aaron, Bridget Willard, and alex vasquez


Weekly Watercooler Discussions about WordPress and it’s community.

523 responses to “EP37 – Building #WordPress Community Through #Meetups

  1. Mike Corkum Avatar

    Dont start @ShawnHooper

  2. Jen Miller Avatar

    @YouTooCanBeGuru I have a zapier account if we ever want to use it.

  3. Adam Thomson Avatar

    @enqueue_russ Someone else said in a talk I saw ages back that their whole dev company spends the last couple of hours on Friday each week drinking beers and answering questions in the support forums. I’ve always thought that was next-level decent behaviour.

  4. Adam Thomson Avatar

    Well then. Bless you, good Sir.

  5. Russell Aaron Avatar

    @AdamThomson WebDev Does that

  6. Verious Smith III Avatar

    ha ha @alexjvasquez has nice hair.

  7. Verious Smith III Avatar

    Nice. We usually do a happiness bar before the meetup as well.

  8. Verious Smith III Avatar

    We also have dinner before the meetup.

  9. Shawn Hooper Avatar

    1979 was a good year!

  10. Adam Thomson Avatar

    Did you cover that?

  11. Jen Miller Avatar

    @enqueue_russ How long is your meetup?

  12. Delores Steele Avatar

    @alexjvasquez there is ample parking. My business in located on a mine street (Broadway-route 55)

  13. Verious Smith III Avatar

    @AdamThomson yeah we usually meet at a local restaurant.

  14. Bridget Willard Avatar

    @AdamThomson We have dinner.

  15. alex vasquez Avatar

    @htcindiana I would take a look at your local meetups, reachout to th eorganizers and mention you have a space.

  16. Jen Miller Avatar

    Thanks @enqueue_russ

  17. Shawn Hooper Avatar

    @AdamThomson Happiness Bar is where anyone can ask others at the meetup for help. It comes from WordCamps, where there is usually a designated area to go get help from a volunteer.

  18. alex vasquez Avatar

    Many times folk swill make a fieldtrip

  19. Russell Aaron Avatar

    @JenBlogs4U no problem

  20. alex vasquez Avatar

    @bamadesigner starting a meetup.

  21. Delores Steele Avatar
  22. alex vasquez Avatar

    “you don’t have to be perfect, you just have to start.”

  23. Verious Smith III Avatar

    @AdamThomson sometimes we do a potluck.

  24. Verious Smith III Avatar

    Yeah @jasontucker you live streamed our meetup once. The other downside to live streams is that some members don’t show up because of the live stream.

  25. alex vasquez Avatar

    @htcindiana, no problem.

  26. Rachel Carden Avatar

    @alexjvasquez is that your answer?

  27. alex vasquez Avatar

    So I take it you have a meetup on broadway, route 53

  28. alex vasquez Avatar

    That’s the start of my answer @bamadesigner

  29. Jason Tucker Avatar

    @VeriousSmithIII exacly

  30. Bridget Willard Avatar

    @AdamThomson We were thinking of having a Saturday tea (women’s group). We had a pre-WordCamp breakfast.

  31. Jen Miller Avatar

    Great idea @enqueue_russ !

  32. alex vasquez Avatar

    My first meetup had maybe people.

  33. alex vasquez Avatar

    I knew a person who had real estate office space.

  34. alex vasquez Avatar

    I setup shop there

  35. Adam Thomson Avatar

    @YouTooCanBeGuru I saw your buffet spread at a meetup. I was like WOW.

  36. Paul Oyler Avatar

    maybe people, maybe not?

  37. alex vasquez Avatar

    I suck at typing.

  38. Jason Tucker Avatar

    @alexjvasquez maybe people eh?

  39. alex vasquez Avatar

    I don’t do food on principle.

  40. Shawn Hooper Avatar

    @AdamThomson We do ours on Wednesday nights.

  41. Bridget Willard Avatar

    @AdamThomson WE do conference room / restaurant / conference room 🙂