EP37 – Building #WordPress Community Through #Meetups

This is a replay of the live broadcast with Jason Tucker, Russell Aaron, Bridget Willard, and alex vasquez


Weekly Watercooler Discussions about WordPress and it’s community.

523 responses to “EP37 – Building #WordPress Community Through #Meetups

  1. Rachel Carden Avatar

    That’s where I draw the line with attending your meetups, Alex

  2. Ken Kramer Avatar

    We have three organizers so that helps us cover if someone cannot make it

  3. Verious Smith III Avatar

    I had just moved to SoCal

  4. Verious Smith III Avatar

    Yes, I recruited two SoCal people when I wanted to start the Meetup in IEWP. We had nothing.

  5. Paul Oyler Avatar

    @bamadesigner meetup southern style

  6. alex vasquez Avatar

    @verioussmithIII should be here in my place

  7. Bridget Willard Avatar
  8. Verious Smith III Avatar

    Ha ha @alexjvasquez you are doing well.

  9. Jen Miller Avatar

    same with ours…

  10. Paul Oyler Avatar

    can you use the WP name in an “unofficial” meetup?

  11. Bridget Willard Avatar

    @PappyOyler We are.

  12. Verious Smith III Avatar

    Yeah same with us. I started it on my own and was sponsoring our Group but it is different because meetup fees are gone.

  13. Rachel Carden Avatar

    Free up to so many, then it goes up at 50 people

  14. alex vasquez Avatar
  15. Rachel Carden Avatar

    $9.99/month up to 50 people and then $14.99/month

  16. Verious Smith III Avatar

    And if I ever relocate i can simply pass the organizer-ship to someone else.

  17. Bridget Willard Avatar

    @VeriousSmithIII yep

  18. alex vasquez Avatar

    Meetup pricing is a sham

  19. Adam Thomson Avatar

    Dan Milward was our original meetup organiser. He is kinda awol…

  20. Shawn Hooper Avatar

    LOL… good recruiting tool.

  21. alex vasquez Avatar

    shouldn’t be based off of members

  22. Adam Thomson Avatar

    Yeah we always say we’ll get coffee when we talk but it’s been a couple years now haha. I think he’s super focused on game dev now.

  23. Adam Thomson Avatar

    …in WordPress. gamefroot.com is actually -amazing- behind the scenes.

  24. Jason Tucker Avatar

    @bamadesigner you asked a question? #scrollingback

  25. Rachel Carden Avatar

    My question wasn’t worthy of Alex

  26. Rachel Carden Avatar

    I asked if you had any tips for people considering starting a meetup

  27. alex vasquez Avatar

    They’re doing great stuff with the rest API

  28. Rachel Carden Avatar

    Is there some kind of special button for questions?

  29. Ken Kramer Avatar

    We did a meetup on three different form options (Contact Forms 7, Gravity Forms and a 3rd one I cannot recall now)

  30. Verious Smith III Avatar

    That is how i get people to my meetup. I invite them to speak at the IEWP Meetup.

  31. Rachel Carden Avatar

    Oh. Some people had what looked like question icons next to their messages

  32. Adam Thomson Avatar

    @bamadesigner slash q

  33. alex vasquez Avatar

    @bamadesigner the one thing I would say is that best communities often start as the smallest communities

  34. Russell Aaron Avatar

    @bamadesigner whats youre question

  35. Jen Miller Avatar

    @YouTooCanBeGuru Of course we didn’t see that article until AFTER we started up. 😉

  36. Bridget Willard Avatar

    @JenBlogs4U We knew. #teamwork

  37. Ken Kramer Avatar

    Initial meetup can be just to introduce each other and get contact info

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