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Over the last seven years of producing WPwatercooler’s shows, it’s been on my heart to provide content that educates and informs so we can build things together. I want to give more to you — our viewers and listeners — and make sure that I can afford to do so. As you know, I work for a nonprofit and run this network part-time with the help of my ever-talented co-hosts, producers, and advertisers.

What’s Changed?

Through my pursuit of supporting the shows and innovation, I found a great tool. I’d love to help support my co-hosts, keep the lights on at home, and innovate the show.  Patreon seems to be a great way to do so.

Become a Watercooler Patron

It is my pleasure to introduce Watercooler Patrons. You now have an opportunity to support the show that has been serving you for so many years. What’s more, is, depending upon the tier you choose, the show has a way of supporting you, too!

Watercooler Patreon Tiers

We created a half-dozen watercooler-inspired tiers for fun. The higher you go, the more the reward.

You get rewarded and we can help the WordPress community in innovative ways. One of the first projects on the map is captioning and time-coded transcripts. This is something I’ve wanted to do for quite a while!

On the marketing side, Bridget Willard and I have worked out a newsletter where we’ll expand our Tool or Tip of the Week into all the links that we find interesting throughout the month. We’re also including a mention in our end title card on a few of our tiers as well.

You can have your business mentioned on the @wpwatercooler account on Twitter or — ready for this? — get a private video of Bridget and Jason reviewing your website! Now, that’s a lot of value!

Patreon small Water Cup 2
Patreon medium water cup
Patreon Large water cup
Patreon Water Bottle
Patreon 5 Gallon Water Bottle

How Do I Support WPwatercooler on Patreon?

It’s rather simple.

  1. Go to our page on Patreon.
  2. Review the tiers.
  3. Choose a tier (there are 6 so you may have to click “show more”)
  4. Checkout.
Scroll down to find all of the tiers

Or, if you know the amount you want to pledge already, click the orange button below.

Thank you for being more than a listener. Thanks for being our community.

Become a Patron!

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  1. Support us on Patreon – WPwatercooler Network

    We’re looking to fund the shows and a few key features including transcription and captioning for all of our videos. @patreon #patreon #a11y…

  2. RT @WPwatercooler: We launched our @Patreon campaign and need some help getting it started. If you have found our content helpful or entertaining over the last 7 years we’d love the support.…

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    Support us on Patreon – @WPwatercooler Network

    We’re looking to fund the shows and a few key features including transcription and captioning for all of our videos. @patreon #patreon #a11y…

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    […] specific chat servers out there, many of them are paid walled gardens to join and we didn’t want that. We set out to make sure that this server was as free as it can be, we may at some point add Patron only features to it but we’ll let you know if something like that comes […]










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