Welcome to WPwatercooler

Welcome to WPwatercooler 1
Watch this video on YouTube.

WPwatercooler came to me one day when I was really jones’ing to podcast again. I use to run a few podcasts and getting back into that while combining my love for WordPress seemed like the best way to go about it. I’m a member of the OC WordPress Meetup group and have made a quite a few friends in this development community that would work well as cohosts of the show. We have some amazing talent in my local WordPress community and I posed the question to everyone in our private Facebook group.

Jason Tucker I'm thinking about setting up a weekly half hour watercooler chat session on Google Hangout. Same time, same day each week. Is anyone interested in this?

16 people said yes and 158 comments later I ran with the idea. I registered WPwatercooler.com and got hosting from Chris Lema, then asked about WordPress theme ideas and Kat went and purchased the Production theme which does well for displaying youtube videos. Then we did a test run of Google Hangout with a few people and found that we could do lower thirds (which led to a slew of jokes with regards to wearing pants while recording). Then Monday September 24th we recorded our first episode and put it out there for the world to see. I later turned it into an audio podcast for people to listen to in the cars and such.

Google Hangout so far has worked well for us, it allows us to have 9 other people on the show with me and be able to talk about the current issues of the week… sometimes regarding WordPress 🙂

Thanks for listening / watching and leave us some feedback on YouTube and iTunes.

-Jason Tucker

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Thanks for all of your great work, Jason! I enjoy tuning into WP Watercooler each week.


I just tune in to hear what Sé (Cupcake) Reed and Steve Zehngut will say next. (“You are a dress and a party.” @sereedmedia). Oh, and some perls of WordPress wisdom from @jasontucker  Lucy Beer @webtw  @suzettework @GreggFranklin  and the other regulars.

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