WPblab EP95 - Situational Awareness: When to Pause Marketing Campaigns w/ Amy Donohue

It's easy to jump on trends, try to be extreme to get attention, but what price do you pay? Do you get eyes or alienate your audience? Join Jason and Bridget with Guest Amy Donohue this week on WPblab where they will discuss it. If you have some strong opinions, watch live and join in the chat. We're all learning, right?

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Amy Donohue

Know when to take a break on your social when something bad happens. Your business is not going to fail if you take a day off to when tragedy hits.


The evolution of social can make your brand anti-social with comes to auto posting.

Make sure you’re not tweeting from the dead.

Show more compassion when bad things happen and take a break from your agendas.




Social media managers during a crisis, retweet relevant information

Amy doesn't let her clients know when she is pausing their campaigns

Marketing calendars should be flexible.

In cannabis filling tweets 2 weeks in advance could create problems because things change on a daily basis.

Respect the hashtag. Don’t hijack trending hashtags to promote your business when not related.

Use trending topics for what they are for… trending topics.

How long should a social media campaign say paused?

  • It depends, how bad was it?
  • If you use a location-based hashtag for marketing, pause use until after the news has stopped.
  • Taking selfies of yourself volunteering is not good for your brand, says Amy. Put the camera away and use 2 hands to help.

Sell hurricane equipment before that season, not after.

If you have a local business during a local emergency don’t go silent. Use your blog and social media to share resources or help others. - Jen Miller

When in doubt, lay out.

  • Bridget

Came from when planing in a band and not feeling a song.

Look to OREO - they were prepared and made their team aware. Be responsive and it can be a win for your brand. - Bridget

Tip of the week

  • Bridget 
    • Make.WordPress.org/marketing started using google docs more.
    • Suggest mode in google docs. suggest let you make changes and someone can accept it and the changes just happen.
  • Amy
    • Linkedin is a networking group. Also Cannabis friendly. Be genuine, small conversations

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