WPblab EP82 – Digging into Twitter Demographics for your WordPress Business

This week on WPblab Bridget and Jason explore Twitter demographics and how you can use them for your WordPress business.

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Twitter > Analytics (available via desktop twitter site)


Audience – discover user interests and general statistics, such as marital status and education.  If you were a dating site, you would want most of your audience to show as “single”. If they were mostly married, you might reaching out to the wrong audience (or offering the wrong service!)

How long should your content be? What grade level is your writing aimed at?  Check your analytics and see what kind of education your followers have – what would be best for them?

Newspapers generally aim at a fifth grade reading level (WSJ – ninth grade). Most people, don’t read – they scan. You don’t want to make people feel stupid by speaking at a level beyond their reading/vocabulary skills.

Analytics shows stats on Audience, Demographics, Lifestyle, etc.

Go to Analytics > Tweets and choose to view “Top Tweets” – it will show you your top-performing tweets from the last 28 days — as long as the content is evergreen, you can recycle it and retweet it back out to your followers

Try viewing your Google Analytics and comparing to your Twitter Analytics – do the demographics align or not, and if not, why don’t they match?

There is a whole culture in your industry – find out what they say and how they say it – speak to them the way that they speak if you want to reach them. Social media marketing is like being a sociologist, you have to study the culture. Tweak your writing to reach them.

You can also use your demographics to determine how much to charge for your work and if/when you should raise your prices.

Ben Collins – http://www.benlcollins.com/spreadsheets/import-social-media-statistics

Why care about twitter?  Regardless of how you felt about the election, tweets and people reading them had an incredible impact on the election. Celebrities and thought leaders, writers, artists, musicians, all use twitter to reach their audience.

If you are looking to cross-promote a work-from-home writer job, you are going to want to look for people and accounts that have a larger number of homemakers as their audience


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