WPblab EP81 – Data-Centric Email Marketing for WordPress Businesses with Christie Chirinos

Segmentation FTW.

Christie Chirinos email marketing as an intelligent combination of transactional emails & direct emails in part with a multi channel promotion strategy that exists as a part of a larger marketing strategy that also takes the other 3 P’s into account… also FTW

Personal twitter – https://twitter.com/cicichirinos
Partner of Caldera Labs https://calderaforms.com/

She started in the nonprofit sector learning by doing.

https://mailchimp.com/ (should tag with affiliate link)

They use convertkit on CalderaForms now. https://convertkit.com/

ConvertKit is a great tool from segments but not user friendly

ConvertKit = Photoshop

MailChimp = Canva


Segmented lists

Many lists can create problems with subscriptions. Consider consolidating your lists and segmenting them out.


Example of a segmented

Is this for you or your clients on checkout


Focus your copy

“Or this” or “if that” = Segment


Bridget loves old navy

Use case

Goals for creating one and done leads

1st a month

1 segments



  • Who is clicking
  • What are they clicking
  • What time of day are they opening the emails

Try for 3 months, Look what happened and change things after that

Don’t talk at people when writing content

Freelancer personal

  • Collect emails, Build your list

How to segment your list?

  • You can just ask in your next newsletter

I think bridget said a couple weeks ago to think about when you are sending out newsletters. In the morning things get purged. IF you send it later in the day, someone might spend the time to read it b/c no one wants to work after lunch.


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