WPblab EP102 – LinkedIn: Why WordPressers Shouldn’t Ignore it

In this episode, Jason and Bridget are joined by Marcy Massura, who has an extensive background in marketing, to say the least. We’re going to apply marketing principles from other industries to WordPress freelancers and agencies and give you all good reasons to use this neglected social network.

You can find Marcy on the following sites:

Marcy Massura & Company
twitter.com – @marcymassura
linkedin.com – marcymassura
instagram.com – @marcymassura

Bridget Willard – https://www.linkedin.com/in/bridgetwillard/
Jason Tucker – https://www.linkedin.com/in/jasontucker/
Marcy Massura – https://www.linkedin.com/in/marcymassura/

Linkedin is more help focused and is more self-regulating than other social platforms.

LinkedIn self-polices its groups.

Have a ‘real’ photo for LinkedIn profile photo – how people would see you in real life.

^ Focus on your face and eyes

Your header image is very important.

Header image should communicate what you do

A safe place to promote what you do, You can brag about your accomplishments

Premium LinkedIn allows to better hunt for a job or looking for people to fit a specific role or job. https://www.linkedin.com/profinder

Small biz helping other small biz find right connections.

LinkedIn ads result in actual results, continues to improve all the time.

Linkedin offers all types of advertising and is very open-minded with it comes to ads.

Job titles are great but think about how someone would be searching for the type of job you want to be hired for.

Have fun with your personal tagline, not so much your titles. Have fun with the tagline but do not forget the keywords.

LinkedIn is 15 years old the – same age as WordPress

LI is more than a resume receptacle

Nice way to get more recommendations is to add a note on the bottom of all invoices.

Also, Linkedin is one of the only social network platforms that you want to be friends with your clients.

Connect with New clients on LinkedIn, great way to ask for recommendations AFTER a job well done.

Don’t fake your reviews, make them count.

There is a toggle on your profile that lets you notify everyone or not of changes.

Cool stuff on LinkedIn:
Can follow hashtags to have it show in the feed

Its kinda like a think tank. People seem to be so willing to help. However, this is based on your connections.

Tip of the Week

Sprout Social – Social media management made easy.
– 99/month to start
^ it’s no hootsuite or hexagon, but great for small business and reviewing reports on social interactions.

How Adam Smith can change your life]
Goes good with tequila

Rescue Time – tracks time spent doing tasks on your computer
automatic and IFTT reports to rescuetime when Jason is Lyfting about.

Show notes contributed by:

James Tryon – @jamestryon
Paul Oyler – @PappyOyler


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