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WPwatercooler is one of the oldest and most respected WordPress podcasts out there. The show follows a weekly format and is headed by Jason Tucker, the director of a web services company who enjoys using WordPress for his projects.

WordPress users of all types and abilities should give WPwatercooler a listen. It covers topics that most users will find interesting. And it also tends to be pretty light-hearted and entertaining.


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“If you’re looking for a light, inspirational podcast on how WordPress is changing lives, look no further than WPwatercooler. The host, Jason Tucker, is known as one of the most knowledgeable experts in this niche. He dives into WordPress news and updates and ties the stories to real-world application and success. His special guests include WordPress veterans who have hot takes on all the latest WordPress design changes, features and news. Tucker recently hosted a show where he made WordPress predictions for 2019, and one where he covers the WordPress Governance Project.” -Thomas Griffin

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“The WP Watercooler podcast is a lighthearted ‘edutainment’ show, where Jason Tucker brings together various members of the WordPress community to talk about how WordPress is changing businesses and lives. WPblab is an offshoot show, co-hosted by Bridget Willard, that takes a Q and A format with questions from viewers.” – John Hughes,

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“Hosted by Jason Tucker, WPwatercooler offers a light-hearted look at how the WordPress platform is being integrated into people’s everyday lives.  With an upbeat, inspirational tone, this podcast focuses on the real-world applications of the online world of WordPress.” -Ant Ekşiler,

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“WPwatercooler is a weekly talk show and podcast that’s hosted by web developer Jason Tucker.

“Most episodes are between 30 and 60 minutes long, and feature a lengthy discussion about a particular WordPress subject with special guests.” -Kevin Muldoon,

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WP Buffs

“WP Watercooler has a number of shows that revolve around the subject matter of WordPress, though this one is the flagship podcast and the most popular. The live (and video-recorded) roundtable discussions see WordPress professionals and experts talking about everything related to maximizing the power of the content management system.

“Each episode is recorded live on Fridays, which makes this a predictable half-hour podcast to tune in for.

“TARGET LISTENER: This is mainly for WordPress developers and designers. You’ll learn not just about building a strong business through better utilization of WordPress, but you’ll also get to see more into the technical side of things which many podcasts don’t typically cover.” -Brenda Barron, WPBuffs

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“In the wild, most WordPress professionals are solitary creatures, working away alone in their home offices. But what are they like in a pack? WP Watercooler is your chance to find out.

“WP Watercooler brings a diverse group of WordPress pros together to have a lively and lighthearted conversation. There is a lot going on, but the podcast is quick, just 30 minutes.

“Jason Tucker leads a changing group, with some regulars to discuss how WordPress is changing business and our lives.

“WP Watercooler is recorded Friday at 11:00 am Pacific on YouTube Live.” -Felicia Ceballos-Marroquin,

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