EP263 – So meta, WPwatercooler – Plugin-A-Palooza – Net Neutrality

Join us weekly on WPwatercooler or participate in our lively chat room!

Thanks to Jen Miller of NeedSomeoneTo – NeedSomeoneToBlog.com NeedSomeoneTo.com

No more pre planned topics

  • We’ve discussed everything 3 or for times over
  • We went less structured (look at us!)
  • We use to not talk about the show during the preshow
  • Were going back to our roots and discuss things on the fly, gather around the virtual watercooler
  • Be more off the cuff
  • We’re all for “joke equality”
  • Learn how you can sponsor us here

WordCamp Orange County Plugin-a-palooza

  • Amazing prizes
    • First Place – $3,000 cash and 1 Sucuri Business (VIP) license
    • Second Place – $1,500 cash and 1 Sucuri Business (VIP) license
    • Third Place – $500 cash
  • There is an awesome history of great plugins that have been made for Plugin-a-palooza: WP Rollback
  • Be one of 10 teams to pitch their plugin idea before March 5th to be added to the competition
    • Teams can be 1-3 participants.
    • Each participant can only be part of one team in the competition.
    • Each team must build their own plugin.
    • Your plugin must be GPL compliant.
    • Your plugin be accepted into the WordPress repository by May 18.
    • Submit early!
    • Existing plugins are ineligible.
    • Eligible plugins will be developed between March 5 and May 18.
    • All teams will present their plugins at WordCamp OC on June 10.

Dry afterparties?

  • WordCamp Lancaster is looking for do a dry afterparty, “The Maxx” like Save by the Bell
  • Beer is allowed, but isn’t provided
  • Sé wants an ice cream soda fountain
  • Rethinking the afterparty we all think is an awesome idea.
  • WordPress turned 10 and OC WordPress threw an amazing party!
  • WordCamp OC 2017 did a Sunday (Sundae) Social
  • https://wptavern.com/should-wordcamp-afterparties-be-alcohol-free
  • What about the unconsumed booze?
  • Freeing up some of that money can be used elsewhere
  • WordCamp OC hands our ticket, first come first serve to blow them out quickly

WordCamp Lancaster looking into subtitling or captioning the talks live

  • 2 track event may be $200ish, George will report back
    • A grant may be in place for this.

Net Neutrality

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David Bell


David Bell


Jen Miller

Looking forward to a lively @WPwatercooler discussion this morning at 11am PST. Join us! wpwatercooler.com/video/ep263-wp…

Jim Walker

Hanging on the Watercooler, wpwatercooler.com/video/ep263-wp…


Net Neutrality we’re discussing it wpwatercooler.com/video/ep263-wp… #netneutrality #wordpress


Dry #WordCamp afterparties?
Closed captioning during the event?#closedcaptioning #a11y #accessibilitywpwatercooler.com/video/ep263-wp…


We’re live talking about the new @WPwatercooler format and Plugin-A-Palooza ($3000 cash prize) along with some Net Neutrality. #WordPress wpwatercooler.com/video/ep263-wp…

Benjamin Rothman

We’re live talking about the new @WPwatercooler format and Plugin-A-Palooza ($3000 cash prize) along with some Net Neutrality. #WordPress

Benjamin Rothman


Benjamin Rothman


Eddie Harris

Net Neutrality we’re discussing it
wpwatercooler.com/video/ep263-wp… #netneutrality #wordpress

Eddie Harris


Eddie Harris


Julien Maury


Julien Maury



In February @wpwatercooler aired EP263 with their chat about #plugins and #netneutrality – tune in to learn more! bit.ly/2tiQikj

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