WPblab EP80 – Boosting eCommerce with Opt-Ins with Scott Bolinger

This week on WPwatercooler we’ll be discussing what to look for in a good WordPress theme.

https://apppresser.com/ & Holler Box https://hollerwp.com/

Challenges of collecting email addresses

It’s much easier to get someones email when you already have a blog and can get them to provide emails to get updates and downloads/goodies, etc.

Generating great content is super important for any site, but even more so for an e-commerce site, makes it easier to get people to opt-in if you have content they need/want

Oh average, It takes 7-10 interactions before you win a customer.

If you have a small audience and low traffic to your site, getting people there and generating sales can be really difficult.  Doing content halfway won’t get you there.

Have a plan before you write your post – need a strategy about what you’re going to write and who you’re aiming to reach

  1. Writing for people that will share it(influencers)
  2. Thinking of them by name

Being intentional about what you write and who you write it for makes a huge difference

Holler box

1 article – 10-20 hours writing per post(with research and planning)

Spending time up front will pay you back in spades!

Content is long-term and the internet lasts forever – it doesn’t matter so much if it takes a while to gain traction, it’s still going to be there

Include people in your posts by linking to them or mentioning them by name – they’re much more likely to share and interact with the post than your average reader

Be around and be active – people will notice and reach out to you

Write/share (videos too) with authenticity about your brand and who you are.

Create content that is not only good but is also based on your personal experience – it shows authenticity and builds trust between you and your audience / customer.

Live chat can cause your customers to become lazy.  If you take it away, they will spend a little more time looking around your site for the answers to their questions.

Great idea to include a feature on your site that let’s people know what others are buying – leads to a feeling of FOMO (fear of missing out) and encourages people to purchase  **feature of Holler Box

Bridget: “When customers talk to you, it’s good to get the insight.” You know where everything is on your site, but your customers don’t often know how to find it.

Write content about your core competencies and it will help you to attract the right kind of customer

If you want more shares and more traffic , don’t think as much about writing or creating content for your ideal customer – write content aimed at the people who you know will share it and who are influencers in your area. A lot of times the customer will consume what you sell but may not share it.

Don’t look for the biggest people but instead for the consistent users who post often and engage with their audience. Build on the relationships you already have.


Brian Dean backlinko

You can write a fantastic post that you’re really interested in, but that doesn’t mean anyone else will be. You need to be a resource to your audience and offer what they’re looking for.

7 Ways to Use Discounts Without Hurting Your Brand


If you use discounts the wrong way, it’s bad for you and it’s bad for your business.  If you offer them to often, they will just wait for the next discount.   You need to space them out and make exclusive discounts available only to people who sign up for certain packages.

Don’t offer discounts to get people on your email list.  You are basically being Walmart.  You’re the low-price discount guy after that.   Or you can be more strategic. (and you should be)

What are you offering people with your opt-in? It needs to be something of value to your customers/visitors, or the message won’t’ matter.

Evenings are often a good time to send emails because inboxes are not as full.


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