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EP9 – Agency Life, WordCamps, & Work Life Balance w/ Tara Claeys – Community Connections Community Connections
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Show Notes

Based in Arlington, Virginia, Tara Claeys is the owner of Design TLC, and a co-founder of Nice Work, LLC, producing custom websites for small and medium businesses. Tara’s focus is on education and non profit websites, although she has also worked on business-to-business, restaurant, e-commerce and real estate projects. She works closely with her clients to create effective, clean and personal communication platforms.

In addition to running her own companies, she is a regular attendee at the WordPress DC Meetup and runs the Arlington/NoVa WordPress branch of this Meetup. Tara is also a co-host of the podcast Hallway Chats.

Outside of work, Tara is a runner, a cyclist, and a musical theater enthusiast.

Keep an eye out for Tara on Twitter:


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