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EP396 – The Changing WordPress Ecosystem
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Show Notes

This week on the show we’ll have a few friends in the WordPress community stop by to discuss the changing WordPress ecosystem. Chris wrote a blog post recently that was linked from a few places we all frequent. The Changing WordPress Ecosystem – Chris Wiegman is a good read.

“The learning curve is now extremely high regardless of past [WordPress] experience.”

This quote resonated with us as a group over here at WPwatercooler. All of us have been using WordPress one way or another for over a decade, yet, WordPress is ever changing and so many new features, systems and entire ecosystem changes are taking place.

This is going to be a good episode, please take a moment and share it with your friends and community members, we’d appreciate it. This episode will go live at 11:00am Pacific on Friday August 20th, see you in the chat.


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