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EP368 – Ethics in the WordPress Community
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Show Notes

This week on WPwatercooler we’re talking about the ethics in the WordPress community.

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Check it out –
EP368 – Ethics in the WordPress Community…

Jason Coleman

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Jason Coleman

Nice repurposed content here. Jason with the cliffhanger.

Dan Gilmore

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Dan Gilmore

@Jason Tucker @enqueue_russ – Who is Tropical Hot Dog? Are they on Twitter?

Great episode, btw.

Dan Gilmore

Reason 372565 why I love the #WordPress community.

Dan Gilmore

Thanks! I’m already following him 🙂

Russell Aaron

That’s @Jason Cosper

AKA Fat Mullenweg

Thomas Nicolosi

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John Locke

Glad this stuff is being addressed. Many people are clever enough to be assholes or be hurtful with enough cover that they can say “it was a joke”, or “they didn’t do anything”.

Many people are illusions.

There is a lot to unpack sometimes with these incidents.

Thanks for watching!

John Locke

People are often complex. They are often not a-holes/racist/sexist/terroristic/threatening to everyone they meet.

It’s when people double down on the bad behavior, don’t apologize or make things right, and don’t change that seals the deal.

Thanks foe speaking about this @Jason Cosper

A mentor of mine in this space @sereedmedia always brings it.

John Locke

Acting like an a-hole is like an iceberg. There’s almost always more you don’t see beneath the surface.

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