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EP355 – COVID-19 The state of working from home for WordPress
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Show Notes

With many of us working from home were joining the collective of in-home workers that have been doing this for years. Join us as we discuss this new reality.

  1. A dedicated place to work in your home
  2. Buy headphones, get good ones
    1. Play a great playlist
  3. Stay focused
  4. Take breaks
    1. Use a Pomodoro timer Jason Cosper recommends Tomighty
  5. Go outside and see the sun
  6. Switch it up every once in a while and try a new
  7. Have a drawer to put your laptop in or in a backpack
  8. Don’t eat lunch at your desk
  9. Respect your own time
  10. Have multiple email apps, a work email app, and a personal email app.
  11. Don’t have a work slack on your phone.
  12. Time blocks




Tips from Steve

  • Regularly check-in
  • Communicating regularly
  • If you finish early didn’t just end your day.
  • If you are blocked, ask what you should do.


Tools for communicating


Communication Tips

  • Morning meeting on Zoom, BS at first part have social interactions (5-10 mins)
  • Done-Done meeting (What did you complete yesterday?)
  • Dealing with blockers
  • Teamwork – Prioritize tasks
  • Basecamp
  • Jira


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Been WFH since day one

Cheo Walker

This Article was mentioned on

Cheo Walker

This Article was mentioned on

Raymond Day

I started WordPress years ago at home on a Linux PC.

the Hello world! still in it. Dated Saturday, December 25, 2004 with a older WordPress.

I was keeping a diary on rolls of paper. Then a old TRS-80 and then a C=64 then the PC and found WordPress to use. With a RS-232 got all my old text from the TRS-80 and C=64 and added it in WordPress with the right old dates.

The paper one is way harder to get in the computer. No text reader I found will read it good. I have to type it in my hand and only did some.

WordCamp Jax

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WordCamp Jax

Good advice from the pros on working from home!…

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