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EP335 – Conflicts of Interest – What WordCamp and WordPress Meetup organizers should know
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Show Notes

Conflicts of interest with WordCamp and WordPress Meetup organizers.

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A question was posed to the Make WordPress blog recently that many of us found interesting:

“Recently, I realized that community organizers do sometimes face a conflict of interest situations, but the team does not really have clear guidelines about how to avoid them, nor best practices for when there is one.”

Some questions that were presented to the community were:

  • What different kinds of conflict of interest situations we have now and what we might encounter in the future?
  • How to work around those?
  • Can we accept the conflict of interest in some situations?
  • What would be the best approach to disclose situations where someone notices a conflict of interest?

Jennifer Bourn brought this to twitter

So we asked her to join us to discuss this on the show.


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My day job is IT Director at a church, WordPress is one of a few side gigs I do.

Dan Beil

Sadly after 20+ applications over 3 years think I’ve been booted from the WP community

Dan Beil

Ah, I’ve done church and Jewish websites though, myself, I don’t DO church anymore

Jennifer Bourn

Chatting about Organizing WordPress meetups and WordCamps and conflicts of interest today on @WPwatercooler at 11:00 am ????…

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