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EP287 – Promoting your WordCamp talk at the WordCamp
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Show Notes

WordCamp Minneapolis / St. Paul

Russ spoke about Voiceblogging

I blog out loud. I use my phone to capture my voice and turn it into text content. I copy and paste the content into a new post. Now all I have to do is add a few images and links. In just 15 minutes, you can have your next blog post written.

Russ has written (voiceblogged?) about this on his website: Voice To Text Blogging is the way of the future. Here’s How I Use Daily.

Russ walked around the camp and promoted his talk to people using a sign. He had a full house at his talk and things worked out well.

Sé was broadcasting from WeWork (not a sponsor but call us if you want to sponsor!)

Jason shared Drafts as an app to do voice blogging on iOS using it’s dictation feature

Jason talks about using Drafts to remember things that have happened during his drives for Lyft. Funny things people say or incidents that occurred.

Russ shared with is the Coming Soon plugin called Easy Coming Soon.

Sé shares with us Gutenberg and her experience with using it with clients and interacting with clients that are using it.

Better Search Replace is a great way to search and replace content all over the WordPress database for text that needs to be changed globally on the website

Regular Expression RegEx

Russ got rid of all of his slides for his talks. Sé was talking about how she has to update her slides when technology changes.

Jason proposes that you bring an AppleTV to a WordCamp and tell people to connect to the AppleTV or Chromecast during your talk. Then you can talk about it as if you were an expert.

Jason talk about the Touchbar Macbook and his favorite thing with the touch bar on the mac Knight Touchbar 2000

Check out it’s awesome

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