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EP237 – WordCamp Orange County Recap 2017
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Show Notes

This week on WPwatercooler we’re recapping WordCamp Orange County with the organizers of the event.
00:05 What works, what doesn’t work
00:06 We tested some fun things at this WordCamp
00:07 How to increase your attendance on Sunday
00:08 How to return your badges to get more people to attend on Sunday
00:09 Sunday Social
00:10 Unofficial events the day before WordCamp
00:11 Golf Tournament & K1 Racing
00:12 Hallway Track & Bid for 2019 WordCamp US in Orange County
00:14 Favorite Interviews of Hallway Track
00:15 Speakers
00:16 Tracks
00:17 Venue
00:18 Happiness Bar
00:20 Discussions
00:21 speaker selection?
00:22 Tips for getting selected to speak
00:24 Slide Templates
00:26 Design
00:27 Venue Highlights
00:28 Diesel Brew
00:28 Tips for making your sponsors happy
00:29 Volunteers


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Jason Tucker ????

New @WPwatercooler EP237 – WordCamp Orange County Recap 2017 #WordPress #WebDev #podcast #iTunes

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Zac Gordon

Meher Bala

EP237 – WordCamp Orange County Recap 2017 –

Meher Bala,2013:875521643606683650_favorited_by_95947989

Meher Bala

WPblab - The Show

EP237 – WordCamp Orange County Recap 2017 #WCOC@WPwatercooler #WordPress

Jason Tucker ????

EP237 – WordCamp Orange County Recap 2017 #WCOC@WPwatercooler #WordPress



Bridget Willard,2013:875773091942682625_favorited_by_300859438

Bridget Willard

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