EP006 – eLearning, #CSSHero, & #beaverbuilder – #WPblab

This is a replay of the live broadcast with Jason Tucker, Kevin Hoffman, Verious B. Smith III, Bridget Willard, gregdyer, and Austin Iuliano


eLearning on WordPress: Comparing WP Courseware and LearnDash


Duplicator – WordPress Migration & Backup Plugin



111 responses to “EP006 – eLearning, #CSSHero, & #beaverbuilder – #WPblab

  1. FooPlugins Avatar

    All good on audio

  2. Austin Iuliano Avatar

    Is this a wordpress Q+A?

  3. FooPlugins Avatar

    How did you integrate them in WP?

  4. FooPlugins Avatar

    with a plugin or inserting the code snippet some other way?

  5. FooPlugins Avatar

    They work off of Yoast OpenGraph

  6. Kevin Hoffman Avatar

    Austin can you share your site so we can check out the tags?

  7. FooPlugins Avatar

    The OG title is there

  8. Kevin Hoffman Avatar

    Any chance starting the title with a hyphen would throw off the validator?

  9. Kevin Hoffman Avatar

    Looks like only your site description is showing in the title tag.

  10. FooPlugins Avatar

    upload to picpaste and share the link with us

  11. Jason Tucker Avatar

    WPblab – Answering your #AskWPblab #WordPress Questions 7:30PM PT

  12. FooPlugins Avatar

    you have to upload the screenshot

  13. FooPlugins Avatar

    getting security errors on those screenshot urls…boo!

  14. FooPlugins Avatar

    I guess that’s why picpaste is beta…double boo!

  15. FooPlugins Avatar

    bit.ly urls…weird

  16. FooPlugins Avatar

    so Austin, any bit.ly settings going on?

  17. FooPlugins Avatar

    or just deactivate that for now

  18. Kevin Hoffman Avatar

    I’m having trouble with Pinterest verifying one of my site titles as well… No bitly involved.

  19. FooPlugins Avatar

    Canonical was something that confused me for a long time!

  20. Darren Rowse Avatar

    @FooPlugins good afternoon

  21. Alex Avatar

    so are you moving for good austin

  22. Nicky James Burch Avatar

    @problogger Nice to see you Sir!

  23. Kevin Hoffman Avatar

    kobe? this season?

  24. FooPlugins Avatar

    WP nerds talking sports:)

  25. Darren Rowse Avatar

    Michael Jordon and… hmmm

  26. Austin Iuliano Avatar

    I shut down all plugins and nothing changed

  27. Austin Iuliano Avatar

    its not a plugin thing

  28. Mr. C Avatar

    It is so easy to make wp plugins

  29. FooPlugins Avatar

    Wish I could stay ya’ll, but gotta run and get some sleep. Take care all!

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