EP009 – feature heavy themes, social media, WordCamps – #WPblab

This is a replay of the live broadcast with Jason Tucker, KitchensinkWP, and Bridget Willard


142 responses to “EP009 – feature heavy themes, social media, WordCamps – #WPblab

  1. Troy Humphrey Avatar

    I already knew the answer, just wanted to hear it from you.

  2. Iris Messina Avatar

    I have this message on my site: You have Menu Customizer for Canvas activated, but you’re not using Canvas theme! Please activate Canvas or remove the Menu Customizer plugin.

  3. Iris Messina Avatar

    But, I’m running Canvas – que pasa?

  4. Troy Humphrey Avatar

    I embed Blabs onto my site and it automatically brings in ALL these messages as comments.

  5. Jacob Arriola Avatar

    anyone got any new stuff happening with the WP REST API?

  6. Iris Messina Avatar

    I got it from Scott at SMMOC – for free…

  7. Iris Messina Avatar

    hmm…didn’t think about updating it. Oh Scott!!!

  8. Troy Humphrey Avatar

    I created a plugin a year ago and have not updated it, no need to, works fine.

  9. Troy Humphrey Avatar

    It is a premium plugin and is not on the WP repository

  10. Stacy Braiuca, MSW, MPH Avatar

    Thanks again you guys! I’ll be listening to the replay!!!

  11. Jacob Arriola Avatar

    i did the code 😉

  12. Troy Humphrey Avatar

    @jasontucker can I embed your Blabs on my site, with attribution to you?

  13. Iris Messina Avatar

    I struggle with WP; I’ll have lots of questions for you next time!!

  14. Jacob Arriola Avatar

    peace out, y’all!

  15. Jacob Arriola Avatar

    thanks…i think chris did the design

  16. Jacob Arriola Avatar

    i just built the theme

  17. Jacob Arriola Avatar

    i think they still want to add a podcast player ‘n stuff

  18. Troy Humphrey Avatar

    I have ProStyler that I use

  19. Jacob Arriola Avatar

    @Appmkr_us I’ve never used one b4

  20. Jacob Arriola Avatar

    gives flexibility to build pages on the fly?

  21. Troy Humphrey Avatar

    @JacobArriola it was very buggy when I first bought it, it has been updated several times and works well now. But ya, drag and drop anything, anywhere.

  22. Troy Humphrey Avatar

    I have IFTTT send me a text message when I drive in my driveway, makes me feel all warm and comfy…

  23. Jacob Arriola Avatar

    @jasontucker i’m hoping santa brings me some bose headphones for christmas

  24. Troy Humphrey Avatar

    I just wrote a 6 paragraph blog while listening to Metallica

  25. Troy Humphrey Avatar

    @jasontucker whats your thoughts on my questions about embedding your Blabs?

  26. Troy Humphrey Avatar

    I don’t embed youtube vids on TheBlabChannel.com 🙂

  27. Jacob Arriola Avatar

    we also use Slack for deployment stuff with git

  28. Whimsical by Shelley Avatar

    Maybe with a subscription

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