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Grab a cup and step up to the watercooler!

Weekly watercooler discussions about WordPress and business.

Each week we bring together people from the community to discuss WordPress and how it is changing our businesses and our lives. This is built as a light-hearted edutainment show where education is an accidental byproduct of the entertainment.

Fridays at 11:00 am Pacific

WP Watercooler Podcast
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Latest Episodes

There are a lot of ways to apply automation to your WordPress workflows. In this episode, we're going to work through the many ways of using the WordPress API and webhooks to make things work hands-free.

EP416 – Automate This

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Nov 5 2012

EP7 – “WordPress Community Summit” – WPwatercooler – November 5 2012

[powerpress] WordPress Community Summit is the topic for todays 30 minute roundtable at the WPwatercooler. We’re joined with Steve Zehngut, Oscar Gonzalez, Dave Jesch, Jon Brown, Chris Lema, Dre Armeda, Sé Reed, Ben Metcalfe, Brandon Dove and Jason Tucker. Se Reed mentions that WordPress Community Summit is the Bohemian Grove of WordPress. Se very excited about WordPress Community Summit. Ben Metcalfe jokingly discusses about WordPress…
Oct 29 2012

EP6 – “Advanced Custom Fields” – WPwatercooler – October 29 2012

Advanced Custom Fields is the topic for todays 30 minute roundtable at the WPwatercooler. Suzette Franck has used this on an art gallery website that had 7 years of data, she made a custom form on the back end to be put into an custom post type. Se Reed asks what is the difference between…
Oct 22 2012

EP5 – “Form Plugins” – WPwatercooler – October 22 2012

On today’s show we talk about Form Plugins and we later get into ethics. Forms Plugins – Gravity Forms we missed Lucy Beer Se uses Contact Form 7 on her clients sites mainly because it’s free Jeff uses Gravity Forms Chris says its $39 for a personal license, Formidable Lite is Free Linda talks about…
Oct 15 2012

EP4 – “Billing for site maintenance” – WPwatercooler – October 15 2012

Today we are discussing “Billing for site maintenance” for our WordPress clients with Suzette Franck, Lucy Beer, Steve Zehngut, Dave Jesch, Andrew Behla, Chris Lema, Gregg Franklin, Oscar Gonzalez, and our host Jason Tucker. ** Billing for site maintenance Maintenance defined: Clients that are already launched a phase 1 of a project and now we…
Oct 8 2012

EP3 – “WordCamps” – WPwatercooler – October 8 2012

Today we’re discussing WordCamps with: Lucy Beer, Suzette Franck, Jon Brown, Verious Smith III, Cody Landefeld, Chris Lema, Steve Zehngut, Dre Armeda, Jeff Hester and our host Jason Tucker. WordCamps Meeting people face to face and that awkward moment when you realize you aren’t following someone you just met. Networking and social aspects are key…
Oct 1 2012

EP2 – WPwatercooler – October 1 2012

This is Episode 2 of our WPwatercooler show. Twenty Twelve theme released to the repo – mixed feelings from all of the panel. WordPress 3.5 beta 1 Overhaul of the media library XMLRPC enabled – They did this to allow their mobile apps to work with WordPress installation without users having to enable it. Comparing…
Sep 24 2012

EP1 – WPwatercooler – September 24 2012

This is the first episode of WPwatercooler. We recorded our first episode of WPwatercooler today. A bunch of folks from the OC WordPress community got together and joined in. Topics discussed: Woothemes. Woocommerce. InfiniteWP. pricing models. Building an managing virtual teams by Chris Lema. Done Done. WordPress TV. OC WordCamp and video uploading. Crowd sourcing…

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