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WPwatercooler Recommends

WPwatercooler participants pride themselves on recommending the very best plugins, themes, software, and services out there. Due to the nature of the opinions of the participants on the show we sometimes find ourselves recommending plugins with like functionality (forms plugins seem to be a big one) we'll list them all because we want to make sure we cover the very best in plugins regardless of duplication. We have also listed both free and premium plugins, feel free to watch the episodes we mentioned the plugin on to see which we like and why.

Over the next few weeks we'll be updating this list combing through the past episodes of WPwatercooler and WPblab sharing all best nuggets. If you dont mind, share this page with your friends on your favorite social media site by using the buttons below.



One of our most popular topics is what software we run to get our jobs done. Here is a list of some of the software we all use while working on websites.


We're avid readers of various books that come out on WordPress everything from plugin development, theme development, working with virtual teams and remote workers as well as getting it done done.


There are plenty of services out there to help us get our job done, here are a few of the ones we'd discussed over the years that we still use to this day.

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